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Cyber-Bullying Needs to Stop!


You always have to think about what you're texting before you actually send it. There are 3 different types of texting: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Good:

The good of texting might be when you need to contact someone such as one of your parents or anyone you can trust. There might be an emergency so if it's urgent it might be the fastest way to contact anyone. Another way texting can be used well is if your parents are at work and you need to talk to the them then you can text them so they can help. Texting is also helpful if you forgot something or you have a question about something, then you can text one of your friends and ask them. It could also be used just for entertainment for example if you are just texting your friends for fun.

The Bad:

The bad of texting might be if it distracts you from doing school work or from

important things. For example if you are trying to do your work but then your friends keep texting you than you wouldn't be able to concentrate. Texting can also be a distraction if you are in class and someone texts you then you wouldnt be paying attention to what teacher is saying and instead concentrating on the person that is talking to you. Another example is that you might be spending too much time texting other people and getting distracted. There is also a higher possibility of getting cyber bullied when you text often.

The Ugly:

The ugly of texting might be cyber bullying. For example if someone is sending you offensive texts, such as "You're a loser" or "Go die" than that would be cyber bullying, or for example if there are rumours spreading about you through texting than that would also be considered cyber bullying. Another way someone can cyber bully you through texting is if they send you inappropriate messages or if they are always bothering you and won't leave you alone.

STOP Cyber bullying Now

Cyber bullying has taken many lives and hurt many people. If you have had problems with cyber bullying or you just want it to stop.........then contact us.