Uzbekistan info

The Flag

The flag represents the moon and all the workers united as one.

The National Animal

Uzbekistan dosen't have a national animal but, i drew a Markor.

Uzbekistan Info

The captial of Uzbekistan is Tashkent, The population is 29.78 million, The offical language spoken is Uzbek, Russian and Tajik. The currency is Uzbekistani soms. the head of state is Islam Karimov/ Mr Shavkat Mirziyayev and the continent is Asia.
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Export: Fertiliser to Aus, Fruit and Nuts to Aus, Vegtables to Aus


Telecom equiment & parts to Uzbek, Iron steel to Uzbek, Measuring & analysing parts to Uzbek
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Tourist Atraction

Mount Xuelian Feng is a great tourist atraction and great ski trip!
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