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Make It Count Holiday Shipping Merch It Baby!

Right Here Right Now: Make It Count

Hard to believe that the holidays are HALFWAY OVER!
You have ONLY 4 AWESOME WEEKS left to ROCK IT.

What is your O2 holiday dream or goal?
  • Do you want to wake up Jan 1st debt-free?
  • Do you want O2 commissions to cover your holiday tab?
  • What can the Origami Owl make come true for you and your family?

Recruit Recruit Recruit!

These are your POWER WEEKS:

Don't wait until after Thanksgiving to get into high gear

Right here, right now is the prime-time to sign up new owls: they will ride the wave and feel the magic of instant success and face the New Year with optimism and excitement which is just want you want as a mentor!

January is the hardest time to motivate people to join - they tend to think they missed the big season and will surface in Feb- March

Christmas is 2 Holidays Away!

Strategize and Customize:

Hanukkah the Jewish Holiday is Nov 27th-Dec 5th!

It's an 8-day holiday that starts on Thanksgiving

What that means to your business:

  • A big audience: don't gloss over - look at your customer base
  • Seek immediate opportunities around you
  • Ask your friends if they know anyone looking for the most darling Hanukkah gifts!
  • Build winter and Hanukkah lockets and post on your FB Pages!
  • Do you have any Hamsa, Jewish Star, Chai charms? Sept and April birthstones ( and white) Snowflakes and Ice skates?
  • Cute Hanukkah lockets:
  • Hamsa, Initial, Jewish Star, Birthstone OR Hamsa, Initial, April & Sept Birthstones, OR Peace Sign, Hamsa, Jewish Star...OR Heart Window Plate with April & Sept Birthstones


What this means to your business:

The biggest travel holiday of the year - people are going to see their families

Suggest your clients deliver the lockets in person without waiting for Xmas:

Here's the concept:

  • The gift can be enjoyed the whole month of Dec with holiday charms in it
  • Put a snowflake, candy cane, red & green birthstones (Jan and May)
  • What a touching surprise!
  • On Xmas send an extra charm (or 3!) can be sent in the mail! I have dozens of customers loving this concept:)
  • Make mother-daughter-grandma-sister matching holiday lockets
  • Everyone gets theirs at Thanksgiving and enjoys getting to wear them together with a common charm OR make a special custom or holiday locket that is exactly the same for all
  • At the end of Hanukkah or for Christmas - that extra special charm ( or 2 or 3) arrives replacing the candy cane for example...



Your customer buys a locket (or 3!)

Sell her (or him!) on the year-long concept:

  • a holiday charm
  • then a V.Day love charm (hearts, love, etc.)
  • a shamrock (if that applies)
  • A wedding ring for an anniv (if that applies)
  • BOO and pumpkin for next Halloween
  • Basketball for March Madness?
  • Baseball in the spring
  • Flag for 4th of July

Everyone has holiday or annual milestones that mean something....

Give your customer a little hemp O2 bag (you use for Tags) or go to Michaels and get the baby-size white organza bags in the wedding-party favor section. I do give an individual little bag for each occasion: don't skimp on your customer when you're selling:)

Window Plate Merchandising:

  • LOVE Plate: darling with any of the hearts, plumerias, butterfly floating above it
  • Cross Plate: darling with birthstones floating-flanking both sides
  • Heart Plate-Heart Key: darling with birthstones floating to the sides or inside


For Women: love the suggestion of wearing the mini blings "empty" in place of a diamond pendant with a holiday or black dress: classy and sophisticated...

For girls: love showing them strung on thin organza ribbon with a single plumeria, peace sign, cupcake, or rainbow-dolphin combo: simple super cute - ribbon makes parents feel better about lockets not being to fancy or chains - lockets breaking, etc.

In General:

Take a few lockets that you want to push & merch them out of their boxes in mini groups of 3 or 4:

Chocolate and Minis:

I show 3 of the chocolate lockets 3 different ways grouped together

Mins: I show them "mommy-style and kid-style" grouped together in 3's

This suggests the "hot item"

Always wear what you want to sell!

I am wearing BOTH the chocolate and black lockets: (of course: they are the $40 ones, rt?)

One at the neckline on the toggle and the other long on either the box link or the flat oval, each with a dangle (vicotrian key - pave heart) one with a window plate and the other with a plate and my story.

I know people will ask about the silver crystal locket - far less will come up and ask for chocolate or think about a black locket unless they have seen it on a friend or one you -

HOWEVER when you put it on someone who looks great with one of those lockets, it's a home run for you both

Stress Savings on Gift Wrap: especially if you have customers haggling a bit about the $4 Make and Take. O2 is saving every customer at least $3.00 on a card, tissue, wrapping paper, or gift bag...

HOLIDAY SHIPPING! Spare Yourself the Stress and Lock Up Your Sales By Dec 15th-latest


  • Sun Dec 15th: Last Day to Order Standard for Dec 24th
  • Wed Dec 18th: Last Day to Order 2Day for Dec 24th
  • Thurs Dec 19th: Last Day to Order Overnight

Your Mama, Grandma, Great-Grandma, Great 3 Grandma Owl

If you are new and don't know me personally, Tami Butcher and I are the "tippy-top"
of your O2 genealogy!

I am a true-blue resource for you anytime!

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