Monsters of Men

By: Patrick Ness

Book facts:

Name: Monsters of Men

Author: Patrick Ness

Number of pages: 603

Genre: Dystopian

Lexile: 1010


Viola is by far the charter who has changed the most throughout the series. She started of as a shy girl, who lost her parents on their scout ship, and ended up as a brave peacemaker. The reason Viola changes, is the war against the Spakle (native "people"). The Spakle change everyones way of seeing the new world. During this war Viola is forced to mature and fight for the future of her loved ones. After a long time of betrayals and murders, Viola and Todd (the main character) bring a hard earned peace to the people of the new planet.


Wilf is a peace making, skinny farmer who needs "gooder" grammar. Although he is a minor character, Wilf's laid back and accepting personallity helped make peace. He was also not afraid to tell the Spakle, about how much most people wanted to end this war.


The ending was very strong and heart breaking. MONSTERS OF MEN is one of the few books I have ever read where the main character is not "there" at the end of the book. Although the other characters don't know it, Todd is on the boarder of death and a coma. At least that is what it seems like to me. The book is a cliff hanger so there is no way to be sure.

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Monsters of Men (Chaos Walking Book #3) Book Trailer


Noise: Noise is something men suffer from in the new world. Noise is when a man's thoughts leak out of his head. This means women, animals and other men can hear what he is thinking. Noise can be harnessed into a form of communication, like the Spakle do.

Sadly it can also be used for torture and control, but only the strongest people can do that.

If you are strong enough, in some cases you can even mute your thoughts.