History Of Architecture

James Herrera & Alex Gonzalez

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Roman Colosseum

-Date Built- 0070-0080

-Located in Rome, Italy

- Architect- Emperor Vespasian & Emperor Titus

-Architectural Styles: Stadium

Building Features

- 240 timber Poles that rose above the outer screen wall

- wooden floor sustaining a bed of sand that covered the arena

- tall columns

-rectangular windows

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Maracana Stadium

-Opened in 1950

-Located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

-They won the FIFA World Cup the year they opened

-Architect: Waldir Ramos, Miguel Feldman, Raphael Galvao

Architectural Features:

-Shaped like a disk

-opened roof on the middle

-field size 105 m × 68 m

-translucent lightweight cable roof.

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Tirana Stadium

-Originally built in 1946 then renovated 1974

-Located in Tirana, Albanian

-Architect: Football Associate of Albania

-Architectural styles: Stadium

Building features

-built are of 43,000 square meters

-Designed as a UEFA category 4 stadium

-capacity of 19,700

-Open structure

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Stade 5 Juliet

Opened in 1972

-Located in Algiers, Algeria

-Architect: Ministry of youth and sports

Architectural features:

-all grass

-capacity 110,000

-open structure


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ANZ Stadium

-Opened in 1999

-Located in Sydney, Australia

-its known as the mutli purpose stadium

-Architect: Populous

Architectural features:

-Passive ventilation, without any mechanical devices

-Rainwater is collected from the Stadium roof and stored in four large tanks for irrigation of the pitch

-polycarbonate roof slopes down, thereby enhancing the atmosphere and optimising the venue’s acoustics

-Roof reduces glare and lighting fort eh players

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Toyota Center

-Build in July 1st, 2001 and opened in 2003

-first year welcomed more than 1.5 million fans

-Located in Houston, Texas

-Architect: Populous, Morris architects, John Chase architects

-Architectural style: stadium

Building Features:

- The spiraling exterior walls of the building, cast in constant curving motion around the fans, step down in elevation toward the street.

-The seats are structured like a bowl

-150 ft tall building

-made for multi sports

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Athens Olympic Stadium

-Date Built: 1982 Renovated: July 30, 2004

-Located in Greece

- Architect: Santiago Calatrava

- Architectural Styles: Stadium

Building Features

- Two Giant Arches

- Panels that reflect sunlight

- Lots of seats

- Large Open Roof

Significant: 2004 Athens Olympics.

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Nanjing Sports Park

-Built in 2005

- Located in China

-Architect- Populous

-Architect style: Stadium

Building Features

-Red Pillars that light up

-3 different sporting facilities

- 60,000 seat stadium

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Beijing National stadium

Opened in 2007

-Located in Beijing, China

-Architect: Arubsport

Architectural features

-all steel support

-retractable roofs

-Twenty-four trussed columns encase the inner bowl

-pipes gather heat to warm the stadium during winter

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Dolphins Stadium

renovated in 2008

-located in Miami, Florida

-Architect: Populous, engineer- Bliss and nyitray

Architectural features:

-Stadium Size - 648 feet x 736 feet

-Up to 76,500 seats for football, and about half that amount for baseball

- More than 250 million dollars have been used to renovate the stadium

-Stadium was expanded to keep it live and host world cup soccer games

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AT&T Cowboy Stadium

- Stadium was completed May 29th, 2009

- Located in Arlington, TX

- Architect- Dallas- Based architectural firm HKS

- Architectural Style: Stadium

Building Features:

- Has the Worlds biggest TV

- Its the Largest Domed Stadium in the world

- 180=foot-wide by 120-foot-high operable glass doors.

-The roof is 660,800 square feet and each panel weighs 1.68 million pounds.

Significant/ Date: The First Game ever played in the Stadium was in 2009 during a pre season home game.

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KFC YUM! Stadium

- Built in 2010
- Located in Louisville
- Architect- Populous
- Architectural Style: Stadium
Building Features
- Filled with lots of glass windows
- Smooth wavy ceilings
- octagon shaped seating arrangements
- wooden floors

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Aviva Stadium

Opened in may 14th, 2010

-located in Dublin, Ireland

-Architect: Populous

Architectural features:

-bowl shaped with four tiers in sides of the ground

-seven stories of floor including ground level

-field size 106 m × 68 m

-construction cost $410 million dollars

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London Olympic Stadium

Opened in 2011

-Located in London, England

-closed and will open again in 2016

-Architect: Populous

Architectural features:

-the roof is made out of fabric

-build on a little island

- 800,000 tons of soil were removed to build the stadium

- there are 14 lighting towers reaching 70m

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Arena Das Dunas

- Located in Brazil

- Architect- Populous

- Architectural Style: Stadium

Building Features

  • Adjustable roofs due to climate

  • Arrangement has Dramatic asymmetric form

  • Upper seating tiers are separated into discrete seating blocks.