Roman Villa Rustica

Only 1,007,056 sestertius


As you see this very low, once in a lifetime price you thought know way this can have any of the amenities required of a high class family like yourself. You're sadly mistaken. Including farms filled with rich soil and 6 bedrooms. This masterpiece of architecture is doused in mosaics and frescoes of only the highest quality. A short distance from the town square and many shops, this location is ideal for a busy family.
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A beautiful view of the large farm included ^

Further Description

This beautiful 764 BC villa rustica provides an expansive farm and colossal winery to age and produce your own high quality wines. There is plenty of room for any and all of your slaves to be accommodated. 3,560 square feet of beautiful architecture make even the emperor gaze. 6 bedrooms will serve all the needs of visitors. An Insula or Domus would never include such room and beautiful farms to keep the slaves busy and you wealthy.
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