VW Beetle Payment Options

Kate Durgin

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2016 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible

The 2016 VW Beetle is a sporty car with a luxury feel. It has a 4.5-star safety rating, automatic transmission, and excellent fuel economy.

List Price: $27,390

Down Payment (20%): $5,478

Loan: $21,912

Payment Structures

Analysis Questions

In comparing the three car payment structures, which structure's monthly payment is the least expensive?

Structure 3 comes in at $352.89 as the cheapest monthly payment option.

Which structure's of total interest on the life of the loan is least expensive?

Structure 1 has a total interest of $2,788.99 making it the cheapest option in this category.

Which structure's total amount paid is the least expensive?

Structure 1's total is $24,700.99 after 6 years.

Which Would I Choose?

If I were buying this car, I would choose payment structure 3. Compared to the others, it's interest and total are exceptionally higher. The biggest selling point of this option is the monthly payment at $352.89. For most people, a reasonable monthly payment is important.

I would definitely need a job to help pay for this car. As well as, budgeting my spending in other areas I could pay for the car. If I worked 20 hours a week for $8 an hour, I could make enough to make my payments, even after tax.

Gas and insurance - well that's another story!


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