life with an epic twist

we will make the most out of life

the game lifes origin

we all know life has been fun for 40 some odd years but we've made an educational change to it.

our twist on life

the way we are trying to make life educational and fun at the same time is we go by all the same rules but before you spin or do anything you must answer a math word problem. now the thing is when you make a wrong turn or anything you stay in your spot.the other thing is if you go to college you do a harder division problem and if you go just to a career you answer a easier multiplication problem for example.

1.go to college/career


3.answer a math problem

4.move the amount of spaces

5.if you get a life card you answer a multiplication problem

6.and it depends on the career you choose to answer a multiplication,addition,subtraction,or a division problem.

over the years

many twists have come and gone but ours will stay

our game

the game will come on strong and blow you away.

and buster mckenney

group chairman

the end