The Scottsboro Boys

By: Daniel Pellar and Luke Porter

Scottsboro Boys

Scottsboro Boys was the largest number of trials. Durring the great depression in Scottsboro, Alabama; nine boys were accused of rape. Over the years the case would outrage people worldwide. The trials last for days, and sometimes even years due to the conditions of racism.

How it all began

The case of the Scottsboro Boys began by a tussle of a few dozen young hobos and nine black teenagers, on March 25, 1931. These nine teenagers were then accused of rape by two white women who were abording the train the were on. This then lead to white jurry's found the defendents guilty and set executions fpr all but the youngest. The dates were set for sometime near the end of July. 

The case is closed

The two white women later admitted they lied, and later due to racism the case made it to the supream court. The nine men wore kept in jail at this time waiting for the trial to begin. The two women pleeded for the young men to be set free. The supreme court later found them innocent.The supreme court came up with a compromise, where four of the men were set free while the other five were kept in jail. Even after the mens innocents they were still kept in jail due to rasism and didn't get out until the late 1940's.

TRUE or FALSE (easy)

1. The Scottsboro Boys were from Georgia. T/F 2. The Scottsboro Boys were accused of assult T/F 3. The Scottsboro Boys were a group of nine teenagers. T/F 4. The Scottsboro Boys african american. T/F

True or False (Medium)

 1. All of the Scottsboro Boys were set free. T/F  2. The juries had african American members in Alabama. T/F  3. Two African American women accused the men of rap. T/F

Trick Question??????????????? Just Guess.

All were executed except the youngest?Were the women trying to hide something from the cops?Did any of them escape jail?