Board Meeting Summary

Glen Ellyn School District 41

March 23, 2020 Regular Board Meeting

The Board of Education provides a "Board Meeting Summary" after each Board meeting. The summary includes a brief description of the main topics and action items. These summaries are not meant to replace minutes. The minutes for each meeting are approved and posted after the next regularly scheduled meeting. We hope these summaries provide some basic information and context around the reports, presentations and action items. For the full packet of information including presentations and reports, Click Here

NOTE: In the interest of safety for Board and staff members, as well as the school community, the meeting format was adjusted. All Board and staff members participated remotely.

Meetings are video streamed live online and the videos are archived on the District website, Click Here.

In Attendance

President Robert Bruno, Vice President Jason Loebach, Secretary Jessica Buttimer, Bruce Currie, Ted Estes, Guillermo Guzman, Julie Hill

Student Board members were not in attendance and did not participate in the meeting.

NOTE: Prior to the start of reports, Dr. Bruno noted the Board would be holding off on the School Perceptions presentation from the agenda. Mr. Bill Foster from School Perceptions would be joining the Board at a future meeting to discuss the results.

Superintendent Report
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  • School Closure Update
    Dr. Kaczkowski thanked the administration, teachers and staff for the work on the e-learning plan. She shared that we are working and communicating remotely in new and different ways. Dr. Kaczkowski also read a note provided by Student Board Member Ashlynn Kousgaard regarding e-learning. Dr. Kaczkowski also shared that the district is working to make Chromebooks available to elementary students, if needed.
  • Live Stream Collaboration with Dr. Nancy Zarse
    Thank you to the Regional Office of Education and Francek P.C. for sponsoring a special virtual program that will be live streamed from the District 41 Board Room on Wednesday, March 25 at 6:30 p.m. The program title is Surviving and Thriving in the Face of Crisis presented by expert Dr. Nancy Zarse. Click here for more information.

Board Reports | watch

Public Participation | watch


Humanex Professional Development | watch

Dr. Kaczkowski and Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources Marci Conlin introduced Humanex representative Svetlana Popovic who presented a proposal for a partnership to support Board professional development. Board members asked questions and discussed the opportunity to work with Humanex in this new way.

Second Steps - Social Emotional Learning Curriculum | watch
Assistant Superintendent Dr. Katie McCluskey presented a new curriculum to support social emotional learning (SEL). She talked about how they worked to identify the best social emotional curriculum for the district. They chose Second Steps as the resource and did an implementation study on Second Steps. She talked about why Second Steps was chosen and answered Board member questions.

Discussion | watch

  • 2020-2021 Board of Education Meeting Calendar
    Dr. Kaczkwoski presented a calendar and a new format for Board meetings next school year.

Action Items | watch

Consent Agenda
Personnel Report

  • Employment Recommendations
  • Resignations
  • Resignations and Retirements
  • Leave Request

Finance, Facilities and Operations

February 2020 Financial Reports

Board Meeting Minutes

Superintendent Recommendations | watch

  • Humanex Professional Development
    (Voted Yes: Bruno, Loebach, Buttimer, Estes, Guzman, Hill)
    (Voted No: Currie)
  • Copier Refresh
    (Voted Yes: Bruno, Loebach, Buttimer, Currie, Estes, Guzman, Hill)

Other/Board Governance - Learning Together | watch

Future Agenda Items | watch


Monday, April 13, 2020 | Regular Board Meeting, 7:00 p.m.