The Vegan Lifestyle

Pd: 1 By: Sophie Friedman 1-6-16


Have you ever heard of veganism? You might know what vegetarian is [no meat], but being vegan is a very strict diet with NOTHING about, from, or having to do with animals. The reason I chose to learn about this topic is because I wanted to learn about different diets and lifestyles people choose, and why. Throughout my research I learned a lot about being vegan and one thing I thought was crazy is that depending on how strict you are with you diet, you might not watch T.V. with animals. I want to know how I can create a poster that shows everyone what the vegan lifestyle is.

What is it???

Vegans have a strict lifestyle but there are different rules that different people follow based on their preferences. The whole point of the vegan diet is to not eat any animal meat, or anything that came from an animal. That limits their diet to veggies, fruits, beans, grains, nuts and seeds. You may think that this is really unhealthy for your body and not a smart idea, but everyone has their own reasons. When you don`t eat meat, your food is a lot cheaper and when you don´t eat red meat, you have a lower risk of cancer. There are plenty of reasons why people are vegan and some include

*Reduced risk of diabetes

*Less risk of obesity [from meat]

*Extra fiber in less calories

Is Veganism Really Healthy?

Data of veganism

As I have said, lot's of people have a different opinion about veganism. According to D news the vegan population in the US was 1% in 2009 and went to 2% in 2012 which is a big change for a short amount of time. Kristen Kirkpatrick said, "A person can absolutely thrive on a well-structured vegan diet. But again, that's someone who has done all their research -- not just read a couple of things on the Internet. There's plenty that can go wrong, if you don't do this correctly." This quote shows that not everyone is meant to be vegan, but you are meant to do what your body tells you to.