Pay It Forward

By P.J.

Pay it Forward
By P.J.
Have you ever gave a can of soup to a food drive? If you have you did an act of kindness. Doing an act of kindness is a good thing because somebody else could pass it on.Acts of kindness can show that you're a good person and you like to help. Even doing the simplest task can show an act of kindness.
All you have to do is clean your room. We need to Pay it forward to make our town and our state look like we’re nice people. We also need to do it because it makes someone feel good. For example, if I clean my room, wash the dishes, put my clothes away, and do laundry. Will my mom be happy? Yes or no.
Acts of kindness relate straight to Pay it forward. All you need to do is something kind the person you helped will hopefully pass it on. Would the world be better if we all were kind? I think it would because nobody would be robbing banks or going on murder trials.Boy it would be nice.
I hope you Pay it forward and do your part in this world because I am. I am going to give food to a food drive and help people that don’t have much.
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We can do an act of kindness by giving food to a food drive or giving old cloths.

We help africans do not have as much and we need to help in ways. Most of the cloths their waring are from people who donated them.

Helping do the laundry is a great example of Pay it Forward. His mom will eventually pass it on.