Supreme Court Case Project

Niecee Rivers

Case Summary

The case I chose was JDB v. North Carolina. JDB was a 13 year old, special education boy. The police came to his school to interrogate him about a stolen camera that he had in his possession. He confessed to the crime but, he was not read his Miranda rights nor was a parent or guardian contacted while being questioned. Later, he argued that he was not read his Miranda rights while in custody. In December 2009, the North Carolina supreme court said they couldn't consider the boy's age or special need in determining whether or not his Miranda rights were needed to be said because he was not in custody.

5th Amendment

  • No one can be put on trial for a crime unless the grand jury decides there is enough evidence.
  • No one can be tried twice for the same crime once the trial has ended.
  • The government doesn't have the power to allow someone to testify against him or her self.
  • The government doesn't have the right to take a person's life, property, or freedom without following certain rules and giving that person a fair chance.
  • Also, before being questioned by police, the suspect must be read his or her Miranda rights.


This court case shows citizens that everyone is entitled to their Miranda rights no matter their age.