Bragging Rights

Hip Hop Supremecy


So you think you got the best Rhymes? You say cant nobody Touch your skills? You say its to many overrated cats bragging for nothing? But what if it was an event coming up with a FAIR opportunity To PROVE IT!

What if I told you, You WOULDN'T BE BATTLING with just Lyrics But with YOUR FULL ARSENAL, YOUR TRACK, YOUR VERSE against your competitors... TOURNAMENT STYLE... Also what If I Told you It would be on a Real STAGE....

What if I also told you that You wouldn't just win a PRIZE PACKAGE Including tracks from your areas TOP producers (Not The Throw aways either) Studio Time FROM A PROFESSIONAL STUDIO ( Not The homies Basement lol) and more.

What If you actually and FAIRLY had a chance at the BRAGGING RIGHTS CROWN?

Would you step up to the challenge? Or Keep hiding?