10 Reasons why I like Skylanders

By Amit Grewal


Skylanders is a video game that any people at almost any age could play. This game is my favourite video game and I think you will like it to.


Skylanders is a video game that has cartoon violence not like Black Ops or Assassins creed which has blood coming out of people. There is no guns just lasers and when the people die they don't just gush out with blood they just turn into money or coins. The missions are REALLY fun and challenging. You can always buy new characters and every character has a new power. With the power they have they have to defeat this funny and evil guy named Kaos. There will always be more characters you will like and your parents will say nothing about the violence because they are cartoons.
"Tall Tales" Extended Trailer: Official Skylanders Giants


Skylanders is a fun game once you tried playing. If you think your parents will say anything well they won't because it only has CARTOON VIOLENCE and no blood just cions and money in the game.