Early Childhood Newsletter

ESC Region 7 August 25th

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TEA Updates

At a recent ZOOM meeting with TEA's EC Division (K - 2nd), we were asked to share the following information:

  • Kinder Diagnostic Tool Waivers must be submitted to TEA by 9/30.
  • TEA does not anticipate issuing any additional waivers or relaxing any HQPK or Literacy Diagnostic requirements.
  • Remote Assessment options are provided by CLI and mCLASS.
  • Questions about the 1st-grade BOY? See the last paragraph.

Links to important TEA EC Webpages:

EC Educator Resources - Links to multiple sites and requirements

Data-Driven Instruction in ECE - this is your site for all PK - 2nd Diagnostic Tools information and updates

High-Quality Pre-K Components: See the HB 3 webinars and presentations

TEA Instructional Continuity

PK "Additional Qualification"

Pre-K teachers who have not met the "Additional Qualification" House Bill 3 requirement, will need to continue documenting a yearly minimum of 15 hours of EC specific professional development AND 15 hours of EC coaching until accruing a total of 75 hours in each area. EC specific includes any training or session designed for EC - 2nd grade. Professional development designed for a broader grade band will not meet this requirement. More details can be found in the Teacher Qualifications video.
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District and Site PD & Coaching

We miss you guys! We miss discussing EC topics and visiting your classrooms! As we adjust to this school year, please remember that we are available to support you. As your district or school plans professional development, let us know if we can provide EC specific virtual, online, or in-person sessions. Look over the "clothesline notes" for options & information.

  • Asynchronous session (3 - 6 hours)
  • Online PD and/or Coaching ( 3 - 6 hours)
  • Virtual coaching (3 - 9 hours)
  • Onsite PD and/or coaching (following established safety protocols)

Please contact me at rlemon@esc7.net or Donna at dholt@esc7.net to discuss details or scheduling.

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Free - CLI CIRCLE Pre-K Curriculum

CLI CIRCLE's Free Online Pre-K Curriculum can be accessed through your CLI Engage account. This recently released resource provides lessons and activities that can be used in the classroom or during remote instruction. To access the weekly plans, you will need to click on the Pre-K Curriculum tab on the right of your dashboard screen. Then, select scope and sequence. Next, scroll down to the Find A Week drop-down and select a week. This will pull up the week's lessons and activities. The online teacher manuals should be added soon.

EcoLand has PK & K Science Covered!

Region VII EcoLand staff are excited to provide editable templates for use by classroom teachers that provide students high-quality, digital instruction. Click HERE to check out the resources available on our website!
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EC Specific Sessions

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K - 2 Data Documentation in DMAC

DMAC invites you to attend one of their virtual training sessions and explore how to utilize DMAC to create and manage student documentation in a digital format. This can be done for all grade levels, but we will specifically focus on a few ideas for our early grades K-2.

Free Virtual Training Sessions on how to enter and track early childhood data! Seats are limited so please RSVP!

Administering the Literacy Diagnostic Tool to First Graders

All incoming first graders who were not screened for dyslexia as kindergartners in the 2020 EOY window, must be assessed with the approved 1st-grade literacy Diagnostic Tool BOY (TPRI, mClass, Fastbridge) within the first 20 school days. The resulting data should be examined, and appropriate decisions made on an individual basis (intervention, evaluation, etc.).

Additionally, the Universal Dyslexia Screener (embedded in the MOY) must be administered to all first graders by January 31st. However, there should not be a delay if a disability, such as dyslexia, is suspected earlier.

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