Inherited Traits

By-Chloe Yarbrough

How are inherited traits differ from learned behaviors?

Inherited traits and learned behaviors are different because inherited traits are passed down from parents to offspring and learned behaviors are learned through experience. For example, your eye color is inherited and eating is a learned behavior. More examples of inherited traits is hair color, bone structure, and shape of cells. More examples of learned behaviors is walking and reading.

What do genes do?

Genes are in DNA and DNA is in chromosomes. Genes are what makes you, you! Plus it makes your fingerprints and blood different, that's how police know it's a certain person's fingerprint or blood because you have different genes than everybody else!

How are traits passed from parents to offspring?

Traits are passed from parents to offspring by genetics. It's also by your family's DNA mixed up to make your traits. Some traits you could get from your family tree is from your great grandfather which could be really delightful and you could be just like him!