Police Brutality

"Use of force in America has gone too far"

My opinion

The police have been using excessive force for unnecessary reasons. They take advantage of their power and have hurt people, whether intentionally or not. They should use other tactics, such as verbal force, instead of automatically using physical force. They hit, kick, pepper spray, taser, and even shoot suspects when they don't need to. Police brutality has gone on too long with no consequences, and needs to stop.
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In these cases the police found an extreme amount of force to be necessary. Some of the victims of police use of force ended up dead, or seriously injured. The man in the one article didn't have sufficient weapons for the police to shock an old man with a stun gun, and pelting him with a shotgun. The police pulled a gun on children who we're building a tree fort. This wasn't necessary. All the cop had to do was tell the children to get away from the fort, but instead he used foul language, and made them lay on the ground, while pointing a gun at them. The police showed up at a domestic dispute, where the mom slapped her daughter, but they didn't accuse the mother of anything. The father, who wasn't even involved, was pepper sprayed, and five men pinned him to the ground. He passed away because of the way the police handled the situation. Police storm wrong houses, and even manhandle homeless people. They kicked, yelled, and threw the peoples few belongings into a dirty, icy street.
The following is a public record of saying police brutality needs to be stricter,because they often get away with misconduct, or even when they are told to leave the force, it's easy to find a new job as a cop in a new state. Police often get off easily with crimes.
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By: Sabrina Thaler