The Amur Leopard

by: Vicent de Juan, 2nd ESO D

The amur... what?

The amur leopard (Phantera pardus orientalis).

It's a beautiful animal, with golden fur; but very sharpened teeth! It is a solitary animal and a very good predator: when it has unfinished kills, it hides them so they are not taken by other predators.

It lives for 10-15 years, but in captivity they can live up to 20 years!

The cubs stay with their mothers for some time, and during the rut couples are together for a few days. The rest of the time the leopard makes a lonely life.


It feeds on a wide variety of animals, depending on their abundance, just like deers and hares.

When it kills a big animal, the Amur Leopard pulls it to the top of a tree to eat a few days without having to hunt.

It's a very good hunter: it can run up to 60km/h, jump up to 5m horizontally and 10m vertically!

Where does it live?

Peple usually think of leopards in the savannas of Africa, but in the Russian Far East, a rare subespecies has adapted to life in the temperate.

The Amur leopard stands out from other existing subspecies of leopard for its fur, longer, which helps him defend against the hard climatic conditions of the taiga.

Why is it endangered?

The Amur leopard is poached largely for its beautiful, spotted fur. In 1999, an undercover investigation team recovered a female and a male Amur leopard skin, which were being sold for $500 and $1,000 respectively.

Currently there are less than 50 amur leopards.


Mum, can I adopt one?

Currently, only WWF is helping it, but we can help too: In their website we can buy things like teddies or postals. We can do a “Symbolic Adoption”, or donate, but obviously you can't adopt one.
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