Knightly Update ACP Site Procedures

September 23, 2020

Good evening. The purpose of this special edition of our Knightly Update is to communicate general procedures and guidelines that students should anticipate upon their return to campus in October. Administration, along with district personnel and site leads have spent an extensive amount of time evaluating procedures and site protocols. While all facets of daily routines have been extensively reviewed, changes may be made if they are deemed necessary and appropriate. We certainly appreciate the understanding of our students as we work to ensure the safest school environment is maintained throughout the year.

Please take a few minutes to read this update in its entirety. Feel free to contact administration if you have any questions. Thank you.

ACP-Erie Administration

(480) 424-8000

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Campus Map & Pedestrian Traffic Flow

We are fortunate in that our campus is primarily outdoors. Student traffic flow patterns have been established to help maintain a less congested flow of student foot traffic during the day. Basically, students should treat the hallways as they do streets and highways - when walking north or east, they should be on the right side of the hallway; and when walking south or west, they should be on the left (other than the west sidewalk near the cafeteria). Please see the attached campus map and pedestrian traffic flow for specific guidelines. Arrows have been placed around campus to remind students of appropriate travel directions.

Bell Schedule & Lunch Assignments

As shared previously, ACP-Erie will run a block schedule throughout the year (i.e. students will attend periods 1, 3, 5 on one day and periods 2, 4, 6 the next). In addition, we will run three lunch periods this year in order to maintain smaller student numbers. Students are assigned to A, B or C lunch based on their 3rd and 4th period teacher. The document below shares our class calendar, bell schedule and teacher lunch assignments.

Student Drop-Off & Pick-Up

If you choose to drop your child off to school, please enter the campus via the student parking lot and proceed to the student drop-off zone, which is near the administrative building. We need all vehicles to pull forward as directed by staff and have your child exit the vehicle in established zones. For health & safety precautions, drivers and passengers not attending ACP-Erie must stay in their vehicle. Please remind your child to exercise caution when walking through the parking lot towards the school and to follow staff directions. Students who are driving to campus are also expected to exercise caution.

When picking your child up from campus at the end of the day, please follow staff directions and follow traffic to the established loading zones. Students can enter their vehicle on the east side of the gym or along the south sidewalk outside the administrative offices. Students have been told not to loiter and to enter their vehicle as soon as they recognize their car in line. Again, all drivers and passengers must stay in their vehicle.

We realize that the first few days might be a little chaotic, but if we all work together and exercise patience, we will get your child to where they need to go in a safe and responsible manner. Please follow staff directions and exercise safe driving practices throughout the school year. As a reminder, please do not drop off or pick up your child in the visitor or faculty parking lot. We also do not want children to be dropped off on Erie St or along the various neighborhood streets. It is important to note that "No Parking" zones have been established along Apache St. Families and students may not park their vehicle within these zones.

Please review the attached Student Drop-Off & Pick-Up document prior to the first day of the quarter. Thank you for following established guidelines throughout the year.

Bus Transportation

The CUSD Transportation Department will provide stops at the following locations again this year to those living in the CUSD boundaries.

  • CTA-Liberty
  • CTA-Goodman
  • Conley Elementary
  • Galveston Elementary
  • San Marcos Elementary
  • Hamilton High School
  • Perry High School
  • Payne Junior High School
  • Basha High School
  • Santan Junior High School

All students that live within the Chandler School District will be automatically assigned the bus stop closest to their GEO code for their home address.

Students wanting to ride the bus that do not reside within the Chandler Boundaries, MUST submit an Open Enrollment Special Request Transportation Request Form. This form is available through the district website or you may click here.

Students are only allowed to choose one bus to ride and may not switch buses to ride home with a friend.

Our students have an excellent history of good conduct on the buses and we look forward to continuing that tradition this year.

Arriving to School

When students arrive to school, they must ensure their face covering is in place and is worn at all times (unless eating). Upon entering campus, students need to report to their 1st or 2nd period teacher's classroom (based on the daily class calendar). Upon entering the classroom, all students must sanitize their hands. All classrooms have hand sanitizing stations near the classroom door.

If a classroom is locked due to extenuating circumstances (e.g. the instructor is in a meeting, absent, etc.), the student must report to the courtyard or west field and practice social distancing until the teacher's room is unlocked.

Students who want to purchase breakfast prior to the start of the instructional day may report to the cafeteria to purchase and eat their meal. Students MAY NOT congregate in the cafeteria before school unless they are eating. Once students are finished with their meal, they need to report to their 1st/2nd period classroom.

Late Arriving Students & Early Sign Out

When students arrive on campus, they are to go directly to their first hour class. As a reminder, the school day begins at 7:40 AM with instruction beginning at 7:45 AM.

If a student is late to campus and the west administrative gate is STILL open, they are to leave their name with the security officer monitoring the gate and immediately report to their first class of the day. Students who arrive after the start of the instructional day (7:45 AM) will be marked tardy by their instructor. Parents are to call the school Attendance Line at (480) 424-8003 to report and excuse their student's tardy.

If the west administrative gate is closed, and the student drove themselves to school, they need to check in with our attendance clerk, Mrs. McCaulou before reporting to class.

For parents that are late dropping off their child (and the west gate is closed) or are wanting to pick up their child early from school, the following guidelines must be followed:

  1. DO NOT come into the school office
  2. CALL (480) 424-8000
  3. WAIT in your car
  4. Have your DRIVER's LICENSE available for verification (early sign out only)
  5. Mask Up
  6. A member of our front office team will come to your car to sign in/out your student.

Thank you for helping us to minimize the traffic footprint on our campus for everyone's safety.

Cafeteria Procedures

Students are expected to abide by the following guidelines when purchasing food or eating in the cafeteria:

  1. Sanitize your hands when entering the cafeteria (hand sanitizing stations are available in the cafeteria).
  2. Maintain social distance while in line (six foot reminder placards have been placed on the floor).
  3. Know your student ID number so purchases can be made quickly and efficiently. Student ID cards can be scanned for a touchless checkout.
  4. Follow the seating parameters as displayed on each table (6 students only at our large round tables; 4 students only at our small round tables; 5 students only on a combination of two bench seats).
  5. Throw away all trash when leaving.
  6. Sanitize your hands as you exit the cafeteria.

One free breakfast and one free lunch will be available daily to all attending students through December 2020. There are no requirements, all children 18 and under are automatically qualified. Students will have to pay for any a la carte item - chips, water, Gatorade, ice cream, etc. All food items, other than pizza, will be individually sealed, wrapped or bagged. Click here to learn more about CUSD's Food & Nutrition Department. Students may pay for a la carte items with cash, debit cards (service fee applied) or via their student account. Families can credit their child's lunch account by submitting a secure online payment via MySchoolBucks.

Families who wish to apply or check their eligibility status to receive free school breakfasts and lunches beyond December 2020, should click here to complete and submit a Free & Reduced Application.

If you have any questions, please contact our cafeteria manager, Mrs. Mary Stout.

ACP-Erie Health Office

The health office is staffed by our school nurse, Mrs. Maria Hughes. This year, the health office will primarily work with and treat those students that fall ill, have a medical emergency, have a current medical diagnosis, and to distribute medication and acetaminophen. Students who need or are asked to report to the health office must enter the office via the health office door (west side of the administrative building).

Students who are experiencing a minor medical issue, such as a cut, scrape, bruise, or needing a feminine product should speak with their teacher or come to administration. Office staff and all teachers will have band-aids, gauze, and feminine products available to distribute.

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Hughes.

General Classroom Policies

Students should abide by the following parameters when attending class:

  1. If waiting to enter a classroom, line up along the wall and ensure social distancing standards are maintained.
  2. Sanitize hands upon entering the room (hand sanitizing stations are available in each classroom by the classroom door).
  3. Be seated as assigned.
  4. For classrooms that have individual student desks, desks will face forward and aligned in rows. Teachers that have tables in their classroom will work to maintain social distancing.
  5. Follow all other guidelines as defined by the instructor.

If needing to be excused from class to address personal needs (restroom, attend appointment, etc.), ask your teacher to be dismissed and use your phone (or other device) to complete an electronic form. Your teacher will provide you with a general paper pass once the form has been submitted. If you do not have available technology to complete the electronic form, please let your teacher know so they can assist you. Students will be required to sanitize their hands upon leaving and reentering the classroom.

General Campus Policies

Our goal is to ensure a safe environment is provided while at the same time providing some sense of normalcy for our staff and students. This quarter, the following campus guidelines will be maintained:

  1. No more than three students are permitted in student restrooms at any one time. If a student enters a restroom and realizes the occupancy level is at capacity, they must exit and wait until a student exits before they can enter.
  2. No more than 102 students may be seated in the cafeteria at any one time. No additional chairs will be provided and seating limits at each table will be strictly monitored. Additional seating is available in our outdoor eating area and west field.
  3. All drinking fountains are closed. Students are encouraged to bring their own water bottles to school. Students may purchase water in our school's cafeteria before school, during passing periods or during lunch.
  4. Classrooms will be sanitized at the end of every instructional period.
  5. All doors, door handles, restrooms, and other points of contact will be sanitized frequently throughout the day by our custodial team.
  6. No students will be permitted in the teacher workroom without administrative authorization.

School Uniforms & Dress Standards

All students will be required to wear ACP Polo's and other appropriate attire as outlined in our school's dress guidelines when they return. Student apparel may be purchased via our Online School Store (all available Polo's and designs are approved attire) or at Anton Uniforms, located at 905 N Scottsdale Rd, Tempe, AZ 85281. Click here to review our school's dress guidelines. If you have any questions regarding uniforms or attire requirements, please contact Mrs. McClure.

General Questions & Answers

Q: How many students are returning second quarter?

A: As a site, we are anticipating the return of 715 students next quarter.

Q: Are face coverings required?

A: Yes, face coverings are required at all times by students, staff and guests when on any campus location or site property.

Q: What will class size look like?

A: Administration has strived to maintain class sizes of 30 students or less when possible. In some instances, classes may be larger than 30 students, but the rooms being used can accommodate larger numbers.

Q: When does the second quarter begin?

A: Students need to report to school by 7:40 AM on Tuesday, October 13.

Q: Who are the grade level administrative contacts?

A: For students in grades 9 & 10, please contact Ms. McClure; for students in grades 11 & 12, please contact Ms. Osborn.

Q: Will ACP be implementing a staggered release from class?

A: Yes, half of the students will be released two minutes prior to the end of the period, and the other half will be released at the regular end time. This provides staff with additional time to sanitize classrooms and limits foot traffic.

Q: Will teachers be distributing papers and other materials to students?

A: Teachers are permitted to distribute papers and other materials to students. Based on research, this practice is not a main way of COVID-19 transmission by the CDC.

Q: Will students be dressing out for PE/athletic locker classes?

A: Yes. Coaches will stagger times at the beginning and ending of each class period for students to dress out in the locker room while maintaining appropriate numbers and distance.

Q: Will staff be administering student "wellness checks" prior to the start of every school day?

A: No. It is important that families gauge their own child's health status. If a child is experiencing a sore throat, headache, fever, cough, shortness of breath, shaking/chills, diarrhea, or fatigue, they should stay home. Remember to wash hands frequently, cough/sneeze into elbows, limit touching your face, practicing social distancing, and to stay home when feeling sick.

Q: My child registered for a parking space. When will fees be assigned and notification of assigned spaces be communicated?

A: On Monday September 28 the $60 parking fee will be added to the Infinite Campus Portal, for those students who have already applied for a student parking spot. Once the fee is paid via Infinite Campus a receipt will be email to the family with the student parking spot number. Students will receive their parking placard from either their 3rd or 5th hour teacher by Thursday October 15. All cars in our student parking lot must have a placard displayed by Friday, October 16.

Q: My family does not qualify for the Free & Reduced Breakfast & Lunch Program. Can my child still get a free breakfast and/or lunch every day next quarter?

A: Yes, all students under the age of 18 are automatically qualified to receive one free breakfast and one free lunch through December 2020 regardless of Free & Reduced qualifications.

Q: My child still needs to pick up their textbooks. How do I get those items from the school?

A: Please contact our bookstore manager, Mrs. Arceo. She will gather the belongings and bring them to the administrative office for families to pick up during regular school hours.

Q: Will students participate in science labs?

A: Yes. students will engage in science labs and other hands-on activities that will be overseen by Science faculty. Appropriate safety standards will be maintained and equipment used.

Q: Will clubs be meeting during the school day?

A: At this time, clubs will be meeting virtually during the daily club time. Students will remain in their 3rd/4th period and join their club meeting online via Google Meets.

Q: My child is a senior. Due to last spring's school closure they did not take the ACT. Will they be able to take the exam this year at ACP?

Yes. All seniors will take the ACT on Tuesday, October 20.

Q: When will individual student pictures be taken?

A: Student pictures for grades 9-11 will be taken on Monday, October 19th and Tuesday, October 20th. 2020-2021 Student ID's for all grade levels (9-12) will be taken and distributed at this time. All students will be required to take their picture. Additional information will be sent the week of October 12th.

Q: Will there be a freshman orientation prior to October 13?

A: Yes. Members of KCP and StuGo are preparing for a freshman/new student orientation on Monday, October 12. At this time, the event is scheduled to begin at 9:00 AM and will conclude at 11:00 AM. Additional information will be sent next week.

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