Are You Using It Right?

Are you using your cell phones correctly?

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Use It Right!!


When you are texting, your friends and family can not see your face expression or hear your voice tone. They might take your message in a different!

Solution : Use punctuation ( ex. ! or ? ) and the cute, expressive Emoji !!

The Right Time?

Technology are a great tool but are you using it in the right time? There are appropriate and inappropriate time to use the cell phone. If you are face to face with another person, use that time to talk to them! Also when you are studying or doing your homework, it might not be such a good idea to use your phone since it could distract you.

The Advantage

Even though there are quite a few things you need to beware of when using your phone, there are many advantages! Cell phones keep you in touch with your family and friends. It can also provide you many entertainment and education sources!

Enjoy And Be Safe!!

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