My Modest Proposal

By Keshae

The Problem

More and more people are becomin over weight and choosing to do nothing about it. Society should care because so much fat on your heart can cause death. Why not help a life out by showing them they way to live a more healthy life.

The Proposal/The Solution

While people are just sitting around trying to catch up on their fav. shows, there will be a 5-10 min PSA about unactive, unhealthy people being lazy. Their lazy already so why not just have all fast food places be delivered to your home. They'll make being living lazy, unfit and unhealthy look beautiful.

The Plan

A health/fitness company would broadcase a PSA that last up to 5-10 mins. It would be like a short tv episode on being active an healthy. This would try to motivate those who are over weight and wantimg to choose to do something about it.

The Advantages

Some would see this and be effected by it and will see this as some type of motivation to want to do something about being over weight. This could be life changing because being over weight could cause so many problens in life. such as death.

The Expedients

TV commercials about getting fit.... There were scenes where you'll see an instructer with an audience of people behind him doin the work out. This would be something like Zumba, P 90X and tybo. Also it could be a fitness company being advertised. These companies could be fitness gyms such as LA Fitness or Lifetime. Maybe even the YMCA to encourage younf people

The Conclusion

There will me an overweight person telling there story about what being overwight has caused them to strugglen with. The will speak on how they were close to death because of the amount of fat that's weighed on their heart. This would be something like a sad scene on a commercial ad.