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CNE Book Study


From the middle of February to the end of April we will be engaging in a book study focused on close reading. This will replace the coaching cycles from first semester. The book will clarify what close reading is and how to implement it. Each week you will read a chapter in the book and we will reflect and discuss ways to implement it in your classroom. I'm looking forward to learning this new framework with all of you and discovering ways to be more intentional about reading instruction.

CNE Book Study: Scheduling Changes

At the end of last semester a few pieces of feedback were given that impacted the scheduling and structure of this book study. The first change is that I will no longer hold meetings on Mondays and Fridays. Additionally, your meeting will be the same day every week. It was suggested that the subject matter be introduced with modeling. To address that feedback, I will be working with a small reading group from each grade level. During these small group sessions, I will implement strategies directly from the book. You are welcome to sit in on these sessions but, to make it easier for everyone, I will be filming the week's sessions and compiling them into a video for you to view at your convenience. The goal is to turn the tables so to speak. Instead of me coming into your classrooms, I'm going to to invite you into mine. We can reflect on what I have done and how it might apply to the process of implementing close reading in your classroom.

CNE Book Study: Calendar

Week 1: The week of February 18th (Chapter 1)

Week 2: The week of February 25th (Chapter 2)

Week 3: The week of March 4th (Chapter 3)

Week 4: The week of March 11th (Chapter 4)

Week 5: The week of March 18th (Chapter 5)

Week 6: The week of March 25th (Chapter 6)

Week 7:The week of April 1st (Spring Break; No meetings)

Week 8: The week of April 8th (Brian absent; No meetings)

Week9: The week of April 15th (Chapter 7)

Week 10:The week of April 22nd (Book Reflection)

3rd Grade: Tuesdays 7:45-8:15

4th Grade: Wednesdays 7:45- 8:15

5th Grade: Thursdays 7:45- 8:15


CNE MakerSpace Calendar

This week I saw an email about using the MakerSpace. As a reminder, there is an official calendar for the MakerSpace. If you would like to check out the rooms use the link below:

Appointment Slots

Need to Meet with Me?

Ever have an issue with Canvas? Ever want someone to show you how to use a new piece of technology? Ever need to schedule an informal observation? If you ever need to see me face-to-face, use the link below and block out some time from my schedule. The link will take you to a calendar filled with 15 minute openings. You may choose as many as you need.