West Region

by Ben

States in the West

1. Alaska 5. Arizona 9. Washington

2. Hawaii 6. New Mexico 10. Oregon

3. California 7. Wyoming 11. Montana

4. Idaho 8. Colorado 12. Utah

Natural Resources

Gold is a important resource. It is mined in Alaska, Montana, and California.

Sugar is only made in Hawaii.

Coal is a dirty product and is mined in Montana and Wyoming.

Copper is found in Utah.

Oil and gas is found in Alaska, California and Montana.

Citrus is found in in California.

Cotton is picked in California.

Vegetables are grown in Idaho, California and Colorado.

Wheat is grown in Washington and Wyoming.

Cattle is raised in Wyoming, Utah, Montana and Hawaii.

Big image

Above is a beach in Hawaii

The West water

The land borders the Pacific ocean and the Arctic ocean (Alaska borders the Arctic ocean).

( Hawaii, Oregon, Washington and California border the Pacific Ocean).


The climate and weather in the west is odd . There is Alaska that is cold and Hawaii that is hot. And all the other states just make it impossible.

Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Colorado and California all have cold winters and warm summers.