A Southern Road Trip

Through Georgia And South Carolina

The College Of Charleston

The College of Charleston is a medium sized public school with a 4x4 block campus radius, a charming southern flair and incredible accessibility to great restaurants, shopping and beaches.

The most popular majors are business, communications, biology, marine biology and computer science. Our admissions representative, Hannah Fralinger explained how everyone is admitted to the school “undecided” with only possible expressed interest in a given major. This can take the pressure off many students who aren’t sure which path they would like to take as of yet.

The residential halls are in between the campus and City Folly Beach and Sullivan’s Island, which are the two local beaches. The College of Charleston is surrounded by water, so you can take a bridge to either beach. However, everything in town is a short walk away, including a farmer’s market they have on Saturdays, Charleston Fashion Week and an area which has different concerts on the weekends.

For out of state residents they are looking for A’s and B’s on the transcript, along with a range of 1130-1290 on the SAT and 24-29 on the ACT.

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University Of Georgia

If you have the opportunity to head down south for a visit be sure to check out the University of Georgia in Athens. With its beautiful, collegiate and sprawling campus, it is a nice thought for those who want a southern school and to branch out from those our students typically frequent. With a little over 28,000 undergraduate students, there are endless opportunities for study and exploration. They have 5 dining halls, along with 7 additional places for a quick bite. Beyond that, they are a block away from a bustling town with great shops and restaurants. In the center of campus is their football field, Stanford Stadium, which is one of the largest college football stadiums in the country. Demonstrated interest isn’t important in the admissions process, so you can relax and visit later if you want to apply when it is too hard to travel. They are looking for an average of 9 AP/IB classes, and they accept only 16% of students from out of state, so it is competitive. However, could be a great choice for a strong student.