Mrs. Flood's Language Arts Class

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What a great start!

The year has gotten off to a great start! We spent the first few days of school getting to know each other and learning the routines of 8th grade.

It has been a pleasure to get to know these 8th graders. They are a genuinely precious group that shows care and concern for others. I am proud to say that they have fit into my classroom model so well which lends itself to group work and synergy. I am looking forward to a great year!

Mark your calendars! Please read this list of important dates and times!

Come out and visit us at the CVMS Open House on Tuesday, Sept. 15th from 5:30-7:30.

Progress reports will be sent home on Friday, Sept. 18th.

The end of the first nine weeks is on Friday, Oct. 9th which means that all WIG Reading Goal (AR) points should be submitted by Friday, Oct. 9th by 3:20.

We learn better together!

What's Happening in Reading?

In reading, we are studying the skills of inference, prediction, visualization, and questioning through our study of the memoir, Night. We are using the "It Says, I Say, So" strategy as well as 4-Square Notes to acquire deeper connections with the text as we read. As with any unit, it will be necessary for students to provide reasoning and justification for their responses.

While we read the memoir, students will be participating in a number of various group and individual activities, and they will be interacting with a variety of texts (poems, posters, art, non-fiction articles, news broadcasts, and legal documents), so they can compare thematic and rhetorical elements.

What's Happening in Writing?

In writing, we will begin our argumentative writing unit in preparation for our Holocaust argumentative essay. We will be working with such ideas as how to write interesting leads, using effective transitions, using sentence variety throughout an editorial and on-demand, writing effective counter-claims in research essays and on-demands, and writing effective conclusions in a research essay and an on-demand. Studying these tenets of writing will better help prepare students for high school and real-world writing. In order to accomplish these goals, students will complete both group and individual activities (reading for meanings, think-pair-shares, webquests, task rotations, carousel brainstorming, chat stations, group pre-writes, videos, and individual choice).

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I am looking forward to a fantastic year!

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