Welcome to Beecher Prep!

Welcome August!


Welcome to Beecher Prep Auggie! Beecher Prep welcomes you, even if you might not look like most people. Although many people will try their hardest to make you feel welcome, there are still people to avoid. There are many fun events at this non-inclusion school. Here are some tips to help you feel more welcome at this school.
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What to look forward to

  1. Egyptian Museum-Don't worry about people seeing your face. You get to wear a costume.

  2. Halloween Parade- You should wear a costume, it's a parade...

  3. 5th Grade Nature Retreat-Lucky for you, Julian thinks this is stupid, so he won't be there to ruin your trip. During this time, you become closer friends with Amos, Henry and Miles. More of that later, though...

  4. Graduation- Mr. Tushman's speech is long and boring, so prepare. You also get a standing ovation, finally!

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It's always good to have a few resources...

Have an orientation. It's always good to know your way around your new school.

Console in a teacher or parent such as, Mr. Tushman, Mr. Browne, or your parents. If you need help, admit it!

Find a table to eat at in lunch, so you don’t eat alone. Or maybe find someone to sit with you.

Tell a friend if something is bothering you. You don't want to be alone. But make sure you have good friends...

Ways to make friends

Be yourself. You wouldn't want to be friends with someone who isn't their true self.

Find people with similar interest. You really like Science, so maybe start there. It will make it easier for friends to come.

Learn what to say out-loud and what to keep to yourself.

Be careful on who you trust. Make sure you have good friends.

How to Survive School

Make good choices about your friends. You don't want to be hanging out with the wrong people.

Choose good electives. Choose what you are good at.

Ignore what people say behind your back. You will loose all of your self confidence is you listen to what people say behind your back, so don't!

Believe in yourself. This is the most important tip someone could give you.

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By Hadley Schachter