"Tech Times" Newsletter

Volume 1, Issue 1 (April 2013)

Welcome to the 1st Issue of "Tech Times"

"Tech Times" will be a monthly newsletter highlighting technology in education, current events in educational technology, a Web 2.0 tool of the month, tips/tricks, and much more! This is meant to be a place to learn about educational technology and the newest technology tools that you easily integrate into your classroom.

Social Media - "It isn't just a fad"

Social Media and online communicating is a huge part of our student's daily lives. As 21st century learners, this is how our students interact and communicate with each other.

Why not embrace the change and bring it into your classroom? Create a class blog for your students to use to answer questions, spark a class discussion, or to start their own journal. Check out Blogger or Edublogs and get started today!

Check out this amazing video below about how Social Media has changed the world (especially for our students).
Social Media in Education - Teaching Digital Natives in 2011

"Web 2.0 Tool of the Month" - EdCanvas

EdCanvas is a fantastic website where you can turn your lessons into an interactive canvas. You can drag/drop PowerPoints, pictures, videos, links to websites, and so much more to really bring your lesson to life! Click here to check out all that EdCanvas has to offer!

Quick Technology Tip!!

Download the FREE app called "Educreations" on your iPhone, iPad, or use straight through their website. It allows you to create short videos using an interactive whiteboard where you can write/draw, record your voice, add pictures, etc. and upload it to your TeacherWeb page.

This is a great way to pre-teach a topic by having the students watch the video!

Look for next month's newsletter showing you ways that you can "Flip the Classroom"

Contact me if you need any help, would like me to be involved in any projects/activities you have coming up, if you want assistance incorporating some of these new tools into your lessons, or if you just want to meet with me. Just let me know!