Cully Simpson

My Autobiography

Many of you don’t know me very well, so I’m going to tell you about myself. My name is Cully Brooklyn Simpson I was born in Kansas City on Wednesday august 15 2001. I lived on Claremont Street in the 3 bedroom yellow house on the corner. Through kindergarten to 2nd grade I went to Prairie View Elementary. After 2nd grade we moved to Raymore Missouri. Our house is on Raven Street. When you come up the road you see a big 5 bedroom gray house with black shutters. I then went to Raymore elementary 3rd to 4th grade. After 4th grade all the 5th graders go to either Eagle Glenn or Bridle Ridge. I went to Bridle Ridge. My 5th grade teachers were Mrs. Weeks, Vacca, and, Pittman. My 6th grade teachers are Mrs. Lung and Mrs. Caldwell. I dance at The Culture House in Olathe Kansas. I was in there latest show Sleeping Beauty. I live with my mom Trisha, my dad Tyler, my two brothers Jesse and Trey, my little sister Brenna, my 2 cats and my hamster Toby.