Uniqueness is change and hope

despite failures and rejections


Every day we face rejections and failures, but those failures and rejections are valuable, they teach us a lesson on perservence. The trials we face only makes us stronger, it teaches us hope and to know our uniqueness!

Different from typical- Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt was the 32nd First Lady of the United States, wife of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and mother to 6 children. She passed laws, visit those in need everywhere and donating lots of time and devotion. She was considered one of the most active first lady ever!


Through she did suffer a childhood full of . Her parents had wanted a son ( which later they did have 2 boys), her mother suffered terrible migraines, her father became a acholic and went to live alone to break the addiction. And later in her childhood, her mother, father, and 1 of her brother had died.("Eleanor Roosevelt")

Despite all those hardships and being called "ugly" by some people but she showed them that she was determined, not afraid to speak her opinion, caring and kind woman.

Typical 1940s-1950s:

During the 1940-1950, most women would dress up in their fancy gowns and powder and would attend dinner parties, but for Eleanor that meant nothing, she felt she did not belong and she would rather help the needy, place feild hockey, travel around the world and pass laws for more equality. "She claims that she is not feminist."(First Lady of the world) Besides that Eleanor would also want to help soilders in need, volunteer in soup kitchens and visit children. She is known as one of the most outspoken First Lady in the White house, she even wrote a newspaper column! Later she became a member of the United Nations, and was mainly working on People's Rights. All of this made her unique, she would travel all around the world and help them, educate them, trying to abolish child labor and help citizen's realize some social problems, overall she try to help others to make the feel better.

Despite childhood hardships she let the parts of her that may not always seem to fit the "typical category', she worked hard, and never let hard comments of crisim hit her and even said this quote "If I...worried about mudslinging, I would have been dead long ago." ("First Lady of the world"). She was not afriad to show her conviction, on a topic. She spoke her opinion very eloquent, and clear despite possible disapproval. It means that uniqueness is good and if there is no different perspective, there can no be change.


Holding on a dream- Walt Disney

Childhood/ Early age:

Walt Disney, the founder of the company Disney was born on December 5th, 1901, in Illinois, but lived in Kansas most of his early years. After faking his age to join the Red Cross at age 16. After that he went to an Art insitute , where he met Ub Iwerks, his partner animator.

In the 1920 he started making a series called " Newman's laugh o grams" but ended up bankrupt. In 1923 the two of them worked on a series called "Alice Comedies" till 1927.

Rough Start:

When things seem to settle he started working on a series withh the charaters Oswald and Lucky Rabbit which became really popular but two other people claimed rights to it and took his rights from him, nit inly that they stole all his animations. Despite after losing, he took a train back home, on the way he started doodling and created Mickey Mouse.

His wife and him imediantly started creating the doodles into animations with Walt voicing and made three of them, through the first two did not sell, the third one did.

After that Walt just kept creating more and more, he even started the series "Silly Symphonies, which had all the familar Mickey mouse chararters like Donald (started in 1929). He created more series afterwards.

Booming Sucess:

In 1937 he made the movie "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" which was a huge hit for the public even a special grammy was made for it. Later in the 1940's he made "Pinochio", "Dumbo", "Bambi", and "Fantasia" and each one all being a huge hit and sucess. This was a huge triumph for Walt Disney

Even in the 1950's he showed no signs of stopping, he animated the known tale of "Cinderella", " Alice in Wonderland" , " Peter Pan", "Treasure Island" and "Lady and the Tramp".

Then in the 1960's he animated the films " Sleeping Beauty" and "101 Dolmations" He made many more and even planned alot that was never finished.

He died at age 65 on December 15th, 1966 due to Lung Cancer which was caused from smoking too much during his life time.

Despite all of the hardships during his life from stolen animations to unsecussful animations, he refused to give up his dream and he kept trying till he got there to sucess. He even said this quote " All dreams can come true, if we have the courage to peruse them" ("Brainyquote.com")


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Showing courage instead of helplessness- Temple Grandin

Temple Grandin was born on August 29th, 1947 in Boston Massachusetts. As a child she was more distant from her parents and could not speak until 4 years old. She was later diagonsed with Austism. Her father almost sent her to a mental hospital but her mother insisted she stay. In elementary school Temple was afarid of the school bell because it was so loud, her senses were especially strong. She loved Science, Role acting and seeing how things worked. Later she went to a school in New Hampshire where she started to create the squeeze machine, she got her inpiration from the squeeze machine they used on animals and she tested if it would make humans more calm and most people who were tested said it would.

From there she wrote a newspaper column and she went to slaughter houses to see if animals suffer before getting slaughtered. She found out most of them were frightened and she were hurt before the actual slaughtering. People try to stop her beacuse she was a women and did not belong in a sluaghter house, one of them even putted raw meat on her car and took her around the slaughter plant in circlesbut she simply just marched in and when they would not show her, she stomped in the blood and showed she ment business. She showed that she is combative, and she is not kidding about her seriousness. (She, the employees and others tried to create a better way to slaughter).

One of her greatest inventions was that cows were getting fleas and had to bathed in a special pool but a huge number of them drowned. Temple's soultion to that was to build a trail with two tall walls on the side so the cows can't see outside and had the cows line up in a line so they could see cows behins them and infrount so they felt more safe, next she designed a special incline plane that would slowly bring the cows down to the ppool and made it as non-slip as possible. She refused any metal coating that was placed on it, and when it did she had it removed inmmediantly. She became a key figure in solving farm technology problems.

Now, she goes all around the country and talks about animal safety, and inventions. Besides that she also helps children with autism.

Despite her rejections from early, her autism, and other setbacks she kept on trying to create different thing that would make animals feel more safe when on the farm. She used her senses and cablity to notice small changes to help animals feel more safe, she says that animals may feel anxiety when there is a small change. She was almost sent to a mental hospital as a kid but she kept trying and helped create new ways to help animals feel more safe on the farm. One of her quotes " I've always thought of myself as a cattle-handling specialist, a college professor first, autism is secondary. ("Brainyquote")

Problem/ Soultion

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The story of trying again- JK Rowling

J.K. Rowling may seem like a man's name but it's not, it is the name of the author who wrote "Harry Potter" which became a huge hit and blockbuster movies. When first interviewed and asked why she did not write her own name on the book, but rather choosed J.K. Rowling, she replied with " ". But before her first book even made it to the selves of bookstore J.K. Rowling ad to face many rejections and revives of her book.

Joanne Rowling, better known as J.K. Rowling "( The "K" comes from her Grandmother's name Kathleen, Joanne does not have a actual middle name)" was born on July 31st, 1965.

Her inspiration came to her when she was on a delayed train in 1990. When J.K. Rowling was writing the first book of Harry Potter she experienced a lot of family changes it was a time full of adversity for her. Her first book was completed in 1997. After many disapprovals from publishing companies she finally sold it to a American Publishing Company for $4,000. The one that chose it was Christopher Little, and the reason she sent it to him was that she liked his name! Her books became a bestseller and had all 7 books in the series made into movies!

J.K. Rowling, had experienced a lot of rejections and all but that did not stop her. Her book was rejected so many time because "it was not a selling book" but she kept on going and trying at so many publishing companies, she kept on her unique story of Harry Potter and it did get published. Despite rejections J.K. Rowling just simply tried again. Her quote "It is impossible to live without failing at something,unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not lived at all, in which case you only fail by default." ("Brainyquote")

Cause/ Effect

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Every "shout of OUT" is one hit closer to Home Run in Equality- Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson was the first African American to play on a major baseball league and first to get into the Baseball Hall of Fame. He was awarded the prize of most prized member of the team, rookie of the year and many other prizes. He score numerous home runs and had adoring fans, but it was not easy for him. Behind the field he is spitted at, citizied , yelled at and had things thrown at him. In fact he even had to sign a contact saying that he would not back out even if people critized him, spitted at him, or any insults. Jackie Robinson did not stop even if people yelled at him meanly in the arena he just simply played the game and does not show any signs of backing down.

Jackie Robinson was born on January 31st, 1919 in Georgia. Jackie Robinson was signed on the team by "name." in 1947. Before he got signed his coach first tested him on gut (braveness) even before he saw Jackie throw a ball because he knew that Jackie will have a hard time, in equality. He was placed under a lot of pressure from the start. Later in his career the insults he would get from the dis agreeing audience was harsh but Jackie would not back down. (At the same time of the insults he also had a lot and a lot of adoring fans.) He did not yeild under the pressure and rejection. He was treated this way because he broke the"color line".

The ways that people treat him outside of the arena was not any better, the way they treat him was disapproval. Even through he was the dodgers best player he was not allowed to stay with his teammates at the same hotel and protests everywhere.("Baseball and Jackie Robinson") After player for many seasons he spoke out about the insults. One of his quotes " I'm not concerned with your liking or disliking me... All I ask is that you respect me as a human being." ("Brainyqoute.com")

During his career he was reassigned to the Pittsburgh Pirates and he even open an organization with Branch Rickey for black player. He ended his baseball career in 1956.

Despite being treated differently Jackie Robinson did not show any weakness publically he refused to the persona that the public give him for being less just because of his skin color. He showed them that he is just the same and has the skills despite the skin color.

Compare/ Contrast

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Every desired goal has a start, start your's today!


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