Bachman Lake Experience

Dallas Beautification Day

Scholars Clean Up Bachman Lake

Bachman Lake is a 205-acre city lake, located in northwest Dallas on the north side of Love Field Airport. Featured amenities include a 5 k hike, bike trail (3.08 miles), picnic areas, a pavilion, boating, Bachman Recreation Center, and indoor aquatic center. As the trail meanders along the northern back, you will see a variety of species of geese, ducks, and a grove of bald cypress trees. Bachman Lake is an aquatic ecosystem with fresh water that flows into the Trinity River. It is a beautiful, natural, and relaxing environment. Our Scholars have decided to adopt Bachman Lake to help keep it clean. On 11/14/15 over 30 Scholars, 15 Professors, and 20 community members joined us as we removed over 60 bags of trash from Bachman Lake. It is estimated that 1 bag of trash weighted over 20 lbs. The Scholars had an awesome time cleaning up the community and making it a better place for organisms to live. We appreciate everyone that helped to make this event possible. A special thank you goes out to the cafeteria staff for providing breakfast and lunch and to everyone that participated. Go Saldivar!

Organisms and the Environment

It is important that our Scholars understand that there are relationships, systems, and cycles within environments. By participating in the Bachman Lake community project, scholars observed the way organisms live and survive in their aquatic ecosystem by interacting with the living (biotic) and non-living (abiotic) elements. In addition, Scholars were able to observe how the flow of energy derived from the Sun was used by producers to create food, and how food energy was transferred through food chains and food webs to consumers and decomposers. Scholars were able to predict the effects of changes in the ecosystem caused by living organisms, including humans, such as littering, and building objects in natural habitats. Last, Scholars were able to identify the significance of the carbon dioxide and oxygen cycle to the survival of plants and animals. This was a great introduction to these concepts. These are student expectations that our Scholars must master for STAAR. Providing experiences in the real world will help the Scholars make the appropriate connections and master the student expectations. The Bachman Lake experience provided us with the opportunity to made a difference in our community. In addition, we were able to model conservation and the importance of taking care of the environment.

Mr. McKenzie

Mr. McKenzie serves as the science coach at Julian T. Saldivar Elementary School.

Go Saldivar!