Confidence in the finest

Colby Norman 7th period

Analysis of the Development of Theme

In the book Freak and max live in a urban area. If they lived in a place like the slums they probably wouldn't have met because the fair Gwen wouldn't have moved there in the first place. Without Iggy or loretta, max would probably never escaped from Killer Kane. Freak has to come into play becasue without him he would have had no friends. That boost his self confidence.

Reflection and Application of Theme

I agree with it and yes the author developed it well. Most people that don't have self confidence usually have no friends. They are normally picked on which lowers their self confidence any more almost unto the point of no return. If no one ever had self confidence nothing would happen. Everyone would be to scared to talk to each other. No one would play sports or anything like that. Without self confidence no one would have a job this world would be a mess.


Max is a kid going to the 8th grade though he has a disability. He is not the brightest of all people though he is very big and tall. Max goes into the summer with no friends. Then a kid he use to know moves into the neighborhood. Freak is a kid also with a disability. His insides are growing faster than his inside. They become friends then one day they are both chased into a pond and Freak is put on maxes shoulders. Then the school year starts and they are put into the same classes. Then one day maxes dad is let out. Kane killed his wife. Kane gets out on parole and kidnaps max and he meets up with Iggy and they are fed and find a place to hide. Then the police come and Loretta tries to get him out though she is caught and almost killed by Kane. Then Freak comes and ends up getting Max out and Kane is flushed out. After Kane is sent back to jail Freak gets incredibly sick. Then one day he dies and Max goes on a rampage. Then he locks himself in his room for a while. Then he comes out and is told that the fair Gwen has moved and the funeral already happened.