Spring 2016 Fashion Trends

Jocelyn Delgado

Color Peach

A color that is going to be a big trend for spring 2016 I think is Peach or like a coral color, because it is very vivid and resembles spring and the bright colors.
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Color Light Blue

Another color that I think is going to be a big trend in spring 2016 is a light blue. I think light blues are going to be worn a lot in the spring because it is a very clean and vivid color, that many people like to wear.
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A trend that I think is going to be big in 2016 is stripes. Many people like the look of stripes and it is worn many times in the spring with bright colors such as red or blues
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I think that denim is going to be huge in spring people are going to be wearing jeaned jackets and possibly even overalls, last year that was a trend and I think it is going to repeat its self for 2016
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The color white is always big during spring and summer. And it think that is going to continue for 2016. White is a very peaceful color and its always good color to slide into spring.
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