First Grade News

Week of Aug. 31 - Sept. 4


We will be continuing the Welcome Back Superkids this week. We will also finish up working on David Goes to School. I will be letting each student take an AR test on this book because it is an easy book and it will give them a chance to see how the testing works. We will also begin Officer Buckle and Gloria.

I will be sending home Sight Word Books tomorrow. Please go over these words nightly. I will test on them at least once a week. Sometimes more if time allows and the students are ready to test.

I sent home the STAR report today. If you didn't receive a report, it means that your child had a little trouble passing the practice. It is ok. The goal is to see growth over the year. The first time some students are just nervous.


We will be continuing sentences this week. We will also be learning about the naming part and the action part of a sentence. I will give a little assessment Friday just to see if they are understanding sentences.


We are continuing reviewing the alphabet. Please practice the alphabet with your child. Some students are still having trouble with the letters and sounds. Once we get into the next unit of Superkids, we will be working on digraphs and blends. We will be doing a practice spelling test Friday. To help your child get ready, you can give him/her some simple three letter words that you can hear each of the sounds. I will give a spelling test next Friday. I will send home the list of words next Tues.

Homework Packet

I sent home a homework packet today. This packet is due on Friday. This weeks homework is just simple phonics sounds, vowels and sentences. This is all things that we are doing in class. Watch for homework packets each Monday.

Class News

I would like to welcome Lucy McKenzie to our classroom. She will be her our student teacher this semester and will be with us until Dec. 4, I just wanted everyone to know in case the students are talking about their new teacher.