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The 4th and 5th Grade Aversboro Press- 3rd Edition


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Cardi B Life

I am going to be talking about the most famous person right now Cardi B. Cardi B’s most popular song is “Money”. She has recently had a baby girl named Kulture Kiari Cephus. She also has a husband named Offset he is in the singing group Migos. If you want some "poppin" songs to listen to, I suggest the song "Money". Cardi B’s saying is” okurrr “it is very popular. She is currently 26 years old. She began with her first song "Bodak Yellow", and It was really popular for a while. Her birthday is October 11,1992 . Cardi B has a little sister named Hennessy. She is always protective of her little sis especially when other female artist bother her. Cardi B has done music with Bad Bunny, Migos, Nicki Minaj and other artists. Cardi B is also a awesome she does a lot R&B and hip hop. Cardi B is known for her perfect nails that probably cost a lot. Her real name is Belcalis Almanzar.

If you want more about Cardi B the stay tuned.

Written by Cherish W.

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Who is Tanya Tucker?

Hey I’m Tanya Tucker I came to speak to you about me. There’s a lot of stuff about me you probably do not know. I think I’ll tell you the most important part about me. I was the youngest female country singer!And that was in 1972 then I was just 13! I know you guys think wow she must really old if she was that age then. But I’m not that old but I must say I don’t look a day over 50. But I am actually 60 years since now it is 2018 and well I was born on October 10, 1958. But enough about my age there’s a lot of other interesting stuff about me I would like to say. So you're probably wondering what songs that I made that I was so famous for. So one of them is my first its called “Delta Dawn” I made that song in 1972 it was one of my top ten favorites. Another top ten is “Lizzie and the rain man” which was 3 years after my song “Delta Dawn” in 1975. So I told you a lot about my song’s so let me tell you what I played them with. So I played them with vocals, and my favorite acoustic guitars. Oh and I am worth about 60 million dollars. I know what your thinking wow she is so cool. Well when you play at a lot of concerts you get a lot of money.

Speaking of concert’s I have a huge one in Texas my home town so I am going to leave now. I’ll talk to you later!Goodbye and remember no matter how young that you are you can be and do anything if you put your mind to it. I mean look at me I did just that and I was the youngest female Country singer. And who knows maybe you can do that to.

“I really like Alan Jackson, in country music. I think he is very, very talented along with George Jones and Merle Haggard, the same old favorites”.

Tanya Tucker

Written by Addison B.

Awesome YouTube Channels

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DanTDM was born on the 8th of November 1991. DanTDM is a British Youtuber, professional gamer, and author. He is listed among the top YouTube channels in the United Kingdom. He is the richest Youtuber. In 2017 he had the most Minecraft views. He has a world record in Rocket League and he won 2 Nickelodeon awards. You should watch DanTDM. It is really funny and if you are fun then watch DanTDM. He plays games that you might not be good at, and he will give you tips. You can also see his life on his vlogs. He has 3 pugs and they are cute.

Get your active rump inside and be lazy watching DanTDM for hours!!!

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Pat And Jen Become Famous

Patrick was Born on November 25, 1988 and is better known as PopularMMOs. PopularMMOs uploads Minecraft videos. He is also married to the YouTuber Jennifer. Patrick plays with her in all most of his videos. He also has 15,813,461 subscribers and 12,250,746,903 views. He sometimes will play other games like Fortnite and other free games. He can tell you how to play some of these games. That is why you should watch PopularMMOs, AKA: Patrick Brown.

Written by Gabe and Zaila

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CJ so cool is my favorite YouTuber in all of Youtube history. He was born March 29 1989. He has a huge house. I watch the channel sometimes at my house. His family does challenges. I liked the video when his son juked his sister at the basketball court and it made money sounds after he did it. CJ so cool goes on tour and makes a ton of YouTube videos. I like CJ so cool so much. Leonidas is his son’s name. His son has Roblox and Fortnite. If you watch CJ so cool’s video I bet you will enjoy it. You should watch it because they do funny family challenges and it’s so interesting! Please watch it and if you do, I HOPE YOU ENJOY!

Written by Semaj

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EllieV Toys

EllieV toys is a channel kind of like the other channels about toys, but it gives more details about what you can do with your toys. It also gives YouTube watchers a heads up about doing some of the crafts with an adult and sometimes where to get the materials and toys. She will share one comment she got from one of her viewers and makes a video about what it says and she says something similar to what her viewers typed. A couple weeks ago I was watching ellieV toys and she was building a Lego hospital set so this means she buys packages of different types of toys for her viewers. She does all kinds of toy videos like LEGO, LEGO friends, and more videos. I definitely know she makes only kid appropriate videos. Sometimes she will use her imagination when she makes her videos.

I like ellieV toys and I think you will like her videos and if you want to watch her videos you need to go to GOOGLE and type ellieV toys. Then just find some of her videos you want to watch. If you have the YouTube app, go to the search button also known as a magnifying glass and search ellieV toys.

Written by Zaila


Arctic Foxes

I think Arctic foxes are really cool! Did you know that in the spring Arctic foxes change their fur color to brown. It’s true their fur is supposed to be white but they have to be camouflage. They also can be domestic pets but it’s rare. The most fox that's a pet is usually the Fennec fox but we don't want to get off topic. So an Arctic foxes diet is lemmings, voles, ground squirrels, birds, insects, eggs, berries, and carrion. Arctic foxes have many predators that include the snowy owl, a wolf, a polar bear, some large birds, and humans are a predator to the adult Arctic fox. Arctic foxes live throughout the entire Arctic tundra, through Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Russia, Norway, Scandinavia, and even Iceland!

This is a picture of a baby Arctic Fox.

Written by Fallon

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Comic Strip

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Arts & Leisure

The Most Famous Kpop Groups

Have you ever heard of Kpop? Well today I will talk about Kpop and the two most famous Kpop groups! First, let me tell you what Kpop is. Kpop is a genre of music. It is pop in Korean. I will dive into the the first famous Kpop group. They are a boy band and the most known in Korea. They are…...BTS! You may have heard of them and here is a picture.
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BTS is a South Korean boy band with 7 members, this their birth names with their stage names:

1.Birth name: Kim Tae-hyung. Stage name: V

2.Birth name: Min-Yoongi. Stage name: Suga

3.Birth name: Kim Seok-Jin. Stage name: Jin

4.Birth name: Jeon Jungkook. Stage name: Jungkook

5.Birth name: Kim Namjoon. Stage name: RM

6.Birth name: Park Jimin. Stage name: Jimin

7.Birth name: Jung Ho-Seok. Stage name: J-Hope

BTS is in 1st place on being famous! That is a lot of people that like BTS! Next I’m going to talk about a girl band! Blackpink! Here is a picture of them:

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Blackpink is a girl band with 4 girls here are their birth name and stage names:

1.Birth name: Lalisa Manoban. Stage name: Lisa

2.Birth name: Kim Jisoo. Stage name: Jisoo

3.Birth name: Jennie Kim. Stage name: Jennie

4.Birth name: Park Chae Young. Stage name: Rose

Blackpink is also in 1st place on being famous too! Here are some links to check out BTS and Blackpink: BTS (band) - Wikipedia and Black Pink - Wikipedia. If you have any extra question(s) please find me and I will gladly answer your question(s)!

I hope you will enjoy their music like I do!

Written by Kristal

Fantastic Fashion

Want to know how to look your best during school, well here’s how!

1.You want to wear clean clothes and clothes that match.

2.You want to do your hair neat and wear cologne or perfume but not to much.

3. Wear shoes that you have had for two years or less.

Here I’m gonna ask you some questions and you choose what you would rather choose to go to school in.

I hope this article helped you and that you enjoyed it!

Written by Maddox

Fashion Tricks for 10-12 Year-Olds

So girls and boys in my age range, 10-12, have come to the stage when they are very picky about their fashion choices. They just want to spend all their parent's money and their own just to have all of the new fashion trends like Gucci and Louis Vuitton. Do u really think that 10-12 year-olds would be able to carry around Gucci and Louis Vuitton? No, well not that I see in my school. Although we do have a few tricks up our sleeves like makeup and shoes with small studs and sparkles and we have really nice looking clothes that look like they're made by professionals! Also with the makeup we girls usually do mascara and little bit of light eye shadow and to top it all off some lip gloss. As for the boys, when they get all jazzed up they might have one earring in their ear or maybe a leather jacket and some Jordans and a fresh haircut. We also have some really nice accessories like necklaces or small gold chains, some small or medium sized hoops, silver gems, or studs. That’s how to get a little bit FANCY even if your only 10-12 years of age when you don’t really have that much money.

I hope you enjoyed this article about Fashion Tricks for 10-12 year-olds and I hope it helps you to be able to decide about your fashion choices easier.

Written by TaNae

Quarterly Reward Sling Shot

Hello, everyone. Did you see the Aversboro Elementary sling shot challenge? It was a riot. The things that were launched where tennis balls and they went FAR! Ms. Merritt was throwing the balls back to the launchers. The balls went 30 to 40 yards. I hope you saw it. Keep up that great work. The sling shot costs 75 hoot bucks per team . The rules: Work hard and have fun!

I hope you saw it. If you did not, I do not know what you will do.

Written by Charlie