cyber safety

Cyber bullying, Sexting and your Cyber Reputation.

Talk to us about any cyber issues you have

In this day and age there is a lot of problems going on because of a lack in cyber safety. We are here to help change that.

When and how to get involved

We get together and educate people on cyber safety (youth especially). These meetings are held at the local PCYP in Lismore on a Friday at 4:30pm. We also hold online chat rooms every Wednesday at 4pm, if you feel too confronted talking face to face on this topic. We hope to get the chance talk to you.

members you can talk to:

No matter the issue they will solve it.

A common question we get asked:

What do we talk about?

When we meet up we talk about a variety of things. These include; any cyber bullying that is happening to you or that you know about. Why you should be cautious of things you put online. How sexting can damage your reputation and how to solve or work on these issues.