#14 Gallery Walks

By: Elizabeth Stover

What is it?

Students move around the classroom during a gallery walk to view, read and respond to classmates' writing and multimedia projects. Students write comments and ask questions. Students work can be completed or in the drafting stage. Grades 3 and up can use this strategy.

Why is it used?

It allows students to get immediate feedback.

It can be used as an "editing phase"

It allows students to get supportive responses from their classmates

It encourages students to do better work because peers will be observing the work.

How is it used?

1. Display the work: students and the teacher post work on the walls or desks in preparation for the gallery walk

2. Provide comment sheet: teachers give students sticky notes or graffiti sheets next to each students work

3. Give directions for the gallery walk: teachers explain the purpose of the gallery walk, types of comments to make and also give a time limit.

4. Model how to view, read and respond: teachers model how to behave during the gallery walk, using students work as examples

5. Direct the flow of traffic: teachers direct students as they move around the classroom and makes sure all students work is reviewed and all comments are supportive and useful

6. Bring closure to the gallery walk: teacher has students move to their own project and look at the comments, questions and other responses. Sometimes students will share their responses or comment on the gallery walk experience.

*the teacher must establish expectations*

Common Core Standards:

Writing and Language:

  • Students use the writing process to revise and edit their writing and get feedback from classmates.
  • Students develop grade appropriate use of Standard English conventions, including spelling.