The Holocaust

Ruth Lyman Academic 1

Did you know that the Holocaust was also called the Final Solution? The Holocaust was the murder of over six million Jewish people.The dictator of Germany,Adolf Hitler,hated Jews and wanted them to die.Hitler hated Jews because they were not considered a part of his superior race. Since Adolf Hitler hated Jews,they were forced to go to concentration camps in brutal conditions,forced to work all day.

Another reason Hitler hated Jews was because he was anti-semistic. if you are wondering ,"How could people tell if others are Jewish?" Adolf Hitler forced Jews to wear the yellow star of David on their coats. In the middle of the star it said Jude,which means Jewish in Hebrew. Hitler also hated Jews because they were not a part of the Superior race. The Superior race was people with white skin,blonde hair,and blue eyes. Most Jews were not a part of this,neither was Hitler. Being anti-semistic and loving the superior race were some reasons Hitler hated Jews.

The Holocaust was the murder of over six million Jewish people because of anti-semitism. Hitler didn't like Jews because he was anti-semistic along with his Nazis. Adolf Hitler also had hatred against other Jews for not being a part of the superior race,so they would be sent to concentration camps in terrible conditions. There are many more details about the Holocaust. Hopefully you learned something new out of this!