Health Highlight

Your Weekly Wellness Encouragement

Safety Tip

As cold weather approaches, be prepared for emergency situations on the road by having a winter “survival kit” in the vehicle including items such as a working flashlight, extra batteries, reflective triangles, compass, first aid kit, exterior windshield cleaner, ice scraper, snow brush, wooden stick matches in a waterproof container, and non-perishable, high energy foods like unsalted canned nuts and dried fruits. See more tips here!

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Health Tip

As you spend time with friends, family and coworkers this holiday season there will be a great many temptations to overeat and mindlessly snack on unhealthy food. Listen to your body! If your stomach is saying it's full, stop eating.

Moreover, when attending holiday events it can be difficult to know what food is healthy and what food is unhealthy. When in doubt keep the portion size small. Another helpful approach is to eat a snack that is high in fiber and protein before an event to stay full longer.

Last, be realistic! If your holiday season is filled with events which jeopardize your healthy eating habits and travel which limits your exercise routine, now would not be the time to start a radically new health plan. Instead, focus on maintaining your health during the season.

Financial Tip

As holiday buying approaches here are some ideas to keep in mind to keep your budget on track:

1. Time Sales. Although not always the case, most stores begin a sale at 6 pm the night before the official sale is advertised and it’s fairly common for the discounts to be activated in the store’s system the night before the sale.

2. Know the stores return policies before you buy and get a gift receipt.

3. Choose original and thoughtful gifts like restoring a prized possession, practical memberships like AAA or a subscription to someone's favorite publication, investing in a college savings plan and/or the simple act of spending more time connecting with that person. For more ideas, see this great article from The Simple Dollar.

And remember, "What lies before us and what lies behind us are small matters compared to what lies within us. And when you bring what is within out into the world, miracles happen." -Henry David Thoreau

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