King Phillip the Second of Spain

King, Catholic, Leader


Born in 1527 to Charles V and Isabella of Portugal, Phillip was taught by his father to be strong and secretive with his thoughts. A strong leader, Phillip was an able hunter, artist, and athlete due to his noble status. He was also very religious. He obtained the throne in 1556.


Married four times and married into power, becoming the King of Naples by his second. He wasted large amounts of his troops fighting the British and raised taxes to pay for the royal debts. And through that, he is responsible for the first bankruptcy of Spain. As well as being hated by his own people, many others hated him such as the Turks and the Muslims.


He ruled over Portugal and Naples as well as making Spain occupy Tunis. Ruled for 40 years and exercised his power often. Believed in renaissance ideals, though he was a Catholic. He also seemed to apply Niccolo Polo's idea of being feared, rather than loved.


A form of government where political sovereignty and government is located in a monarch who rules by divine right without any checks or balances.
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The nation Phillip ruled over primarily.


In my opinion, Phillip shouldn't have been in power. While he did devise new military strategy and expanded the frontiers of his kingdom, he was a terrible leader. He couldn't govern well and was hated by his people and was defeated by the British when he used a large amount of troops, losing a great deal of them in the fight. He's just not the kind of person that deserves power like that.