By: Mackenzie Kaneski

Dads heritage

- My dad was a very athletic person, it made him feel alive

- My dad was in track, swim team, cross country, and science club

- My dads favorite toy was Legos, you can create anything you want to express yourself

- some things my dad did with his family was playing card games or board games.

- Tips my dad has for his kids for life is flow your dreams, and finds someone who will always love you.

Chapter 12

- childern had to work as young as 12

- people had to build their own houses so they had somewhere to live

- Worked 8 hours for $0.50

- Moving into a city that wasn't populated

- Women could only work as mill workers or maids


Similarites: My family, and chapter 12

- Came from Poland

- Went to Ellis island

- Came to the U.S for a better life


- Children had to work at the age of 12, when my dad started at the age of 14 or 15

- The people had to move in to a non populated city when my dad was born in to it

- Immgrants had to build their own house, when my dad was born in to one