By Lucas Frutig

Song of the Family I by Kendrick Lamar

Kino loves himself in the beginning of the book. He notices everything with so much detail. The ants moving, his family, and his food cooking are the various things he noticed around his household are the things he noticed. Kino was a humble man before he found that pearl.

Kendrick Lamar's song is pretty much describing how he loves himself. Nothing can put him down or make him mad. He also is describing the world as a pretty weird place though. Even when the cops show up he loves himself. That is a sign of be a very humble person.

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i (I Love Myself) [Clean] by Kendrick Lamar

Song of the Enemy Animals by Maroon 5

Kino's enemy was the scorpion which was an animal. Juana prayed and chanted as the scorpion neared Coyotito. Juana and Kino raced Coyotito to the hospital as the poison seeped inside Coyotito.

Animals by Maroon 5 fits the Song of the Enemy because Kino also acts like an animal in the story besides the scorpion. Kino acts like he "Hunts you down, eats you alive" in the end of the story

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Maroon 5 Animals (lyrics on Screen)

Song of the Pearl (Beginning) Thrift Shop by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (feat. Wanz)

I chose this song to be my song of the pearl in the beginning because thrift shop is about a person with money. Kino could have gone to the thrift shop with all the money he could have made with the pearl he found.

Kino might have had more than 20 dollars in his pocket but he still will go to a thrift shop to buy clothes. With that pearl money he won't be poor anymore. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis explain Kino's wealth in great detail.

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Song of Evil Mr. Grinch by Dr. Seuss

I chose this song to be my Song of Evil because the Grinch is just an evil person. It just reminds me of this song when The Pearl mentions the Song of Evil. Kino becomes evil in the book so this song could come up in his mind when he is being greedy. He has a lot in common with Mr. Grinch because the Grinch is greedy during Christmas time. But in the end the Grinch and Kino find it in their hearts to be nice to everyone.
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Mr. Grinch with lyrics Dr. Seuss

Song of the Pearl (End) You had a Bad Day by Daniel Powter

Kino looked into the pearl at the end of the book. All he saw were things that could give him a bad day. He saw his dead son which was one of the worst things to see in the best thing you found in the ocean. Kino didn't just have a bad day, he had a bad life.

You had a Bad Day is a song for a bad day pretty much. It goes good with the end of the book because Kino is just losing it because of the pearl. All he heard was this song by Daniel Powter.

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You had a bad day with lyrics

Song of the Book Why Can't We be Friends by War

Why couldn't Kino be friends with the pearl. That was the problem. The pearl was like the devil giving him more and more greed. If only they could be friends. Kino killed someone and beat his wife for crying out loud. Or he should have done what Juana said in the first place.

I chose this song because the pearl and Kino weren't friends from the start. War explains what Kino might have said if he could talk to the pearl.

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Why Can't We Be Friends- War LYRICS