People are Using way to Much Media!

Your phone is becoming your life!

By: Levi Bieganski

The all mighty phone is ruling you.

Your phone is becoming your life. As society progresses forward people are getting sucked into the “wonderful” world of media. Some teen girls can’t go five minutes without checking for new trends on Instagram, Snapchat, or any social media outlet. And it’s not just girls that get obsessed, guys are getting engaged in their virtual world more and more and letting the real one slip. Our phones are stealing our family time and making us progressively anti-social. A world where media rules us is coming. It will happen unless we personally stop it.

Our teens love media more and more.

We are using way too much screen time every day. Some kids receive a phone at about seven or eight and it never leaves their side from then on. A group of tweens, when surveyed, said they spent up to four and a half hours on media daily! (Amy M.) On top of that they use about 27 hours on social media alone! (The The telegraph) Media is taking over our lives at extraordinarily young ages. The longer kids own their device the more they become entangled in using it. Not only that but as phone time goes up studying, reading and social time goes down. Another survey showed that tweens spend a shockingly low twenty minutes a day reading, out of school. (Amy M.) Grades are reflected as people obsess over their “precious” game, or social media. Kids are spending so much time on their phones that their social person is failing. Kids can hardly hold eye contact or have a thoughtful conversation without it being “awkward” or “uncomfortable”. Our lives have turned from a world of socializing and expanding our knowledge to a closed in self-absorbed media planet.

We must stop this media world.

Personally along with many others, I have attempted to solve this problem as to better my social life. There is an easy way to solve such an obsession. Recently, I have installed one of the many time management apps. These apps suggest when to refrain from using your phone and tells you how long you have used your device. You can also limit, say, the amount of times you use your device throughout the day. IF you want to me more social you should try to refrain from checking your phone during a meal or a conversation. Try to see when it is socially acceptable to go on your phone for a short time. If you do try to restrict using your device while socialising the effect will be that other people will probably enjoy your presence more during gatherings or events.
we have allowed technology to take our lives captive. If we want to escape the impending medial ruled society we must take certain steps. Allowing children to own advice at a young age is just one more way to give into the medial realm. We must try not to let our devices take us away from what we want to accomplish. If we try to restrict our media usage we will not only become smarter but also most likely more social.

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