Rapa Nui - Moai

by Gavin and Jerri

moai fact.

The Moais backs are to the sea and are believed by most archaeologists to represent the spirits of ancestors, chief, or other high-ranking males who held important positions in the history of Easter island /Rapa Nui,the name given by the indigenous people to their island in the 1860s. The woman and the little girls wear dresses and the men wear a little towel in front of them


Easter Island is by africa there is stones that are big and are called the moais they are some times 14 feet and 14 tons and they are made out of rock .And they walked all around the island and they are they still to day. And another name for moai is Rapa Nui. Then in 1978 there was a student who found fragment of red clay and they found out that it fits into the eye sockets. And the body was 17 feet tall and when the moias agsistend was about 1710 years ago.


1. Where is easter island located?

It is located by africa.

2.Who werer the settler on the island?

The Rapa Nui

3. What are some of the biggest mysteries surrounding Rapa Nui?

How the got on the island.

4.What do you think the moai were used for ?

To keep the spirts away from they family.


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