By: Caleb Tibor and Diego Ucedo

The Alpines location

The Alpines are a type of biome found in the Rocky Mountains, The Alps, and the Andes.

The Alpines usually start at an altitude of about 10,000 ft above sea lvl.

Alpines Weather

Summer in the alpines is very nice from 40-60 degrees. But in the winter, it is normally below freezing. The higher you go the colder it gets.The alpines are some what dry with around 12 inches of precipitation a year


Adaptations of the alpines plants are that they need to be tough against wind, ice, and snow and the have to live in the bad soil and poor air. Animal adaptations include thick fur for the winter that sheds in the summer, the ability to hibernate, and traveling in herds.


There is variation between the mountain lions and the mice because the mice are smaller and they dig under ground when the mountain lions scavenge and hunt. just like a small bush lives for around 40 years where some of the pines live for 4000 years!

Interdependence between organisms

The interdependence between the organisms is like how the fox need the mice to survive and the mice need the seeds, roots, and berries to survive them self. Some of the organisms work together like a humming bird or honey bee need the nectar from flowers and the flowers need the organisms tho pass the pollen to reproduce.
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If the mountain goat was removed from the Alpines biome...

The wolf and fox would not have enough food so the would be competing very much for the alpacas. the alpacas would be over hunted and they would die out then the predators would have no food and would die or move and the plants would take over.
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If the jaguar was added to the Alpines...

jaguar, wolves, and foxes would be competing for alpacas and goats eventually there would be no food for the predators and they would have to adapt to a new environment or starve.