Put a Stop To Standardized Testing

The Test Takers of America

Test Taking is Stress Making

Standardized tests are costly, unnecessary, and stressful to those who take them.

Standardized tests have been around for years. Only after the No Child Left Behind act passed, they have become a really big deal. Despite what people say, standardized tests do not help teachers learn about their students. Teachers are forced to "teach for the test," deterring from creativity and inspiring boredom. This leads some teachers to quit since they are not allowed to effectively teach students. The stress of the tests can also cause negative health consequences and negativity towards school work. Plus, on average, $1.7 billion is spent on standardized tests each year per state.
Students, when asked our survey questions, responded with things like "I think that they are important but the teachers over-stress about it. They make it seem SO important and I don't think it is. Honestly it is just a test that kids take to grade the teachers on how well they taught you in that year. It's not worth it," "I do not like them and they can cause anxiety to many students I know and anxiety can result in depression..,just saying," and "Standardized testing is a waste of useful class time."

"As a teacher, I use small formative assessments and rely on those much more than any standardized test."

- A teacher's point of view

In a Administrator's Perspective

Students and teachers may not be fond of standardized tests but standardized tests can motivate and guide teachers and students. Also, standardized tests measure a student's proficiency which can help in comparing America's educational system to other countries.

However, there's no need to sell out to corporations and force children to take a test that they would much rather not take.

In a Student's Perspective

When the packet falls onto my desk, I felt as though a stone manage to get into my stomach. All the instruction blurred into white noise my shoulders felt heavy; my heart began to quicken its pace. The time starts, every thought in my head became unclear. My mind felt numb. I could not remember any information I studied prior. Why could not remember anything? I am shaking every time I wrote a word on the page. The words on the page soon became a foreign language, I feel sick. My breath became shaky; my eyes became wet with the tears that are trying to stop themselves. Soon the air becomes like a gas, and thick. I cannot breath.

The time ended as I finished my last letter. I remember that I am just in a silent classroom, not in a pit where creatures could come and hunt me down. I rushed to the bathroom, trying to gain energy that I lost from my anxiety and worry that forced upon me. The pressure that I forget every year and had hope felt better. I left the bathroom, ready to go through that all again.


What to do?

It is clear now that standardized tests are doing more harm than good. Their true use has changed drastically since when they were introduced and are now nothing more than a game to see who is the best between schools while forcing students and teachers to spend valuable class time and money on it. Our mission is to end stress and unnecessary costs within school systems by getting rid of standardized tests. It's time for change.

How you can help

Students and teachers can help our movement by boycotting and opting out of the test. Parents can send letters to their school board and to the government urging them to remove standardized testing from their school system. Or parents can tell schools that they do not want their children to participate in taking a test. Therefore, without standardized tests it would allow teachers to not teach for the test and teach what they will need to know to succeed.