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Michael Hofmann 2/11/75


On the tenth of February, there was an attack on Lancaster by the Native Americans. The town was slother by the natives. They killed or captured everyone in the town. Furthermore going onto burning down the village. There were 12 and 24 taken alive. We spoke with one of the survivors of the attack. She spoke of what she could remember from this horrible time in life. She spoke of when the natives moved them which is what she remembers most vividly. "she would be often asking the Indians to let her go home; they not being willing to that, and yet vexed with her importunity, gathered a great company together about her and stripped her naked, and set her in the midst of them, and when they had sung and danced about her (in their hellish manner) as long as they pleased they knocked her on head, and the child in her arms with her. When they had done that they made a fire and put them both into it, and told the other children that were with them that if they attempted to go home, they would serve them in like manner." this is just of the many horrible stories from her "travels". She was lucky to escape from the madness. This was all i was able to get before she broke down and could not go on anymore. I ask that you keep the people of Lancaster in you prayers and thoughts.

Advice Column

I got captured by a bunch of Native Americans. What do I do?

-Mary Bob

Dear Bob,

If I was in your shoes Mary Bob I would have to say your in quite a struggle. The first thing you need to do is look for a opening where the Natives are not looking and run. You will not be able to escape as a group these " people" are ruthless and deadly. Once you get out you must move as fast and as swiftly as possible to escape the grasp and move to the nearest town. Then write a story about it.

Book Review "The Narrative of the Captivity and Restoration of Mrs. Mary Rowlanson"

After reading this narrative I would recommend this peace for anyone who wants to know about the attack on Lancaster. This story was written by a survivor of the attack. It goes into great detail about attack and how she escaped. Even though the story does speak about how she escaped, but after that part of the story it goes to how she is meeting King Philip. once the story gets to that part it starts to get a little confusing, but that part of the story takes place after the conflict on Lancaster. I would recommend this story for anyone who wants to know more about the attack on Lancaster.

Editorial- the conflict between Natives and the Settlers

In my personal option, the main reason for the attack on Lancaster is due to the struggling relationships between the Natives and the Settlers. The Natives were never happy with the Settlers because the Settlers took the Natives land. Along with how the Settles mistreated the Natives with such disrespect. This lead to many misunderstandings between the two groups and ultimately ended in this bloody conflict.

Obituary- Joe Bob

Joe Bob was one of the many killed in the attack on Lancaster. He was a good man dedicated to his God. He died when his house was burned down and was knocked on the head by the Natives. Joe died at a young age of only 18 years of age. He was a good and happy man. With him gone life will be very different. He will be greatly missed.

Help Rebuilding Lancaster

Thursday, Feb. 20th 1975 at 9pm

Lancaster, PA, United States

Lancaster, PA

After the attack on Lancaster we need help fixing and cleaning the town. Help bring it back to it glory days.