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Healthy Tips for the Red Hawk Family

Spring Is In the Air!

The month of March ushers in the end of winter and the beginning of spring. Spring is a good time to renew or begin healthy habits. Take a look at your routine and consider what is working well, and what might need to be changed. Spring clean your body through healthy food choices and your surroundings by de-cluttering items or clothing not used or needed. Consider a break from caffeine or sugar to cleanse the body, while adding at least 8 glasses of water/day. Awaken your body from the winter by updating an exercise program. Renew or begin a walking program to enjoy the beauty of the season. Enjoy spring greens in a salad or on a healthy sandwich. Spring is a good time to reflect on your lifestyle and enjoy communing with nature.

Springtme Is Also ALLERGY Time!

The Allergy Battle Is Real!

A sudden shift from wintry to warm weather encourages pollen release, and windy conditions send particles airborne. This can trigger congestion, sneezing, itchy eyes, and headaches related to seasonal allergies. Suspect allergies verses a cold if symptoms last longer than two weeks, if your eyes, nose, and the top of your mouth itch, if your mucus is thin and clear, or if symptoms worsen after exposure to triggers. The absence of fever and aches is another clue for allergies and not a cold or virus. Over-the-counter decongestants relieve a stuffy nose; antihistamines can tackle sniffles and itching. Consider a saline nasal rinse (either a neti pot or spray) to help clear allergens from nasal passages. Gargling with salt water can soothe a sore or scratchy throat.

Terri H. Pigg, MSN, RN

SCHS School Nurse

Newsletter Issue # 5, March 2016