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Term 1: 2nd February 2023

Acknowledgement of Country

St Anthony’s School acknowledges Australia's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, the traditional custodians of lands, waterways and skies across Australia.

We thank you for sharing and caring for the land we learn and play on.

We pay our respects to Elders, and we share our friendship and kindness.

Our Vision Statement

St Anthony's School community works collaboratively to teach and live the values of Christ. While respecting tradition, and to meet the demands of a rapidly changing society, it strives to educate our children to their full potential.

Message from the Principal

A simple prayer to start our new school year:

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I would like to take this opportunity to welcome back our returning children and families and to extend to our new children and families the hand of fellowship and our warmest wishes that you will delight in the time you spend with us as members of the St Anthony’s School and Parish community.

Along with new students to the school, we welcome Mr Craig Dalglish back after taking leave in 2022 and Mrs Emma Coad and Mrs Robyn Watson who are new to the teaching staff in 2023. Welcome also to Mr Mike Barns, our additional Assistant Principal. Congratulations to Miss Kianee Zscherpel who was married in January and is now Mrs Manios.


As announced at our 2022 School Advisory Council Community meeting, CEWA has approved that we keep our school fees the same, despite rising inflation which is impacting all of us. This is made possible as a result of changes to the overall funding for Catholic schools in Western Australia.

In consultation with Catholic Education Western Australia (CEWA), the School Advisory Council has endorsed that school fees to remain the same for 2023 as per the following table:

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Further to the announcement made late last year that St Anthony’s School would be freezing its fees for 2023, we are proud to be able to provide discounted fees to newly enrolled students as well as those students in their final year – Year 6.

Following School Advisory Council discussions, and with approval from CEWA, all families of students in Year 6 will receive a $320 discount to Term 4 fees. New enrolees from Years Pre-Primary to Year 5 will also receive a $320 discount and newly enrolled Kindergarten students will receive a $192 discount. Families enrolling two or more children will receive a proportional discount of the sibling tuition fee.

We hope this will encourage new families to choose St Anthony’s when considering a new school for their child and that it will also help existing parents at a time where I know families will be facing cost of living challenges.

Additionally, we hope that the discount will demonstrate to families who are choosing our school for their child that we are aligned with the needs of our community.

I am proud that St Anthony’s continues to offer a quality, affordable education choice for families in Wanneroo, and look forward to an exciting year ahead.

Catholic Education in WA provides an affordable school choice for more WA families than ever, and our school remains committed to providing the high quality, Christ-centred and child-focused education that our families have come to expect.

I hope families will welcome this news as indicative of our school’s commitment to meeting your family’s needs. We are strongly committed to delivering the highest quality education alongside our other programs in 2023 and beyond.

As always, families in financial difficulty should make an appointment with myself to discuss alternative payment arrangements.

God Bless

Therese Bandy


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Faith In Action

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Saint Blaise was the Bishop of Sebaste in Armenia (modern Turkey) around 1,700 years ago. There are many versions of his life but he is best known for healing the sick – even animals would come to him to be cured. Some accounts tell of how Saint Blaise left Sebaste to escape persecution.


Liturgical Dates

Beginning of School Mass Friday 3rd February

Staff Commitment Mass and Breakfast 19th February

Shrove Tuesday 21st February

Ash Wednesday 22nd February

Reconciliation – Years 4 to 6

Sacramental Dates 2023

Staff Commissioning Mass and Breakfast: 19th February 9.00am Mass


Candidate Commitment Mass: Saturday 25th March 6.00pm

Sunday 26th March 7.30am

Sunday 26th March 9.00am

Sunday 26th March 6.00pm

Parent/Child Workshop: Tuesday 16th May 5.00pm

Candidate Retreat: Friday 19th May

Sacrament Saturday: 27th May 6.00pm

Sunday 28th May 11.00am.

Saturday 10th June 6.00pm - Certificate Weekend

Sunday 11th June - Certificate Weekend

First Holy Communion:

Candidate Commitment Mass:

Saturday 24th June 6.00pm

Sunday 25th June 7.30am

Sunday 25th June 9.00am

Sunday 25th June 6.00pm

Parent/Child Workshop: Tuesday 8th August 5.00pm

Retreat: Friday 11th August


Saturday 19th August 6.00pm

Sunday 20th August 9.00am

Sunday 20th August 6.00pm

Saturday 26th August 6.00pm

Sunday 27th August 9.00am

Sunday 27th August 6.00pm

Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd September Certificate Weekend


Commitment Mass:

Saturday 25th March 6.00pm

Sunday 26th March 7.30am

Sunday 26th March 9.00am

Sunday 26th March 6.00pm

Workshop: Wednesday 25th October 5.00pm

Retreat: Friday 3rd November


Tuesday 7th November 5.00pm

Wednesday 8th November 5.00pm

Thursday 9th November 5.00pm

Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th Certificate Weekends

God Bless

Nicole Crosthwaite

Assistant Principal

The St Anthony's Way

High Expectations of Self

High expectations play a crucial role in student success and can significantly impact their academic and personal growth. When teachers and parents have high expectations for students, they communicate that they believe in the student's abilities and potential. This belief can be empowering and motivates students to strive for excellence.

Studies have shown that when students are expected to perform well, they often live up to those expectations. Conversely, low expectations can create self-fulfilling prophecies, leading students to underperform. High expectations can also encourage students to set higher goals for themselves, work harder, and develop a growth mindset, which is essential for long-term success.

Additionally, high expectations can lead to a more engaging and challenging learning environment. Teachers who have high expectations for their students are likely to provide more rigorous and meaningful instruction, which can foster critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

So, as a parent, what can we do at home to encourage high expectations for our children?

  1. Adopt a growth mindset
  2. Make expectations clear, realistic, and reasonable
  3. Aim for personal bests and fulfilled potential
  4. Let them make mistakes
  5. Offer support and encouragement

To finish, having high expectations for students is essential for their academic and personal growth. It communicates belief in their abilities, encourages goal setting and hard work, and creates a more engaging and challenging learning environment. By setting high expectations, we can help our students reach their full potential and prepare them for success in life.

Mike Barns

Assistant Principal


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New Staff

Mike Barns

I am thrilled to join the team as the new Assistant Principal and am excited to work alongside the dedicated staff, students and parents to continue to make St Anthony's a place of excellence in education. I am committed to fostering a safe and inclusive environment where every student can reach their full potential. I am looking forward to getting to know each and every one of you and working together to achieve our common goal of providing the best education for our students.

Thank you for the warm welcome and I am excited to be a part of the St. Anthony's community.

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Emma Coad

I am Emma Coad, a proud new member of the St Anthony's community. I have two wonderful children, Ollie in Year 3 and Millie in Kindergarten. As a family, we love the beach, especially Mullaloo, and are avid fans of AFL and frequent travelers. Cooking and puzzles are also among our favourite activities.

With over a decade of teaching experience, I have had the opportunity to educate students in both the city and the Pilbara. My passion lies in promoting social justice and a love for learning in children. I am constantly seeking new and innovative methods to enhance my teaching skills.

I am eagerly looking forward to getting to know the families at St Anthony's and becoming an integral part of the community.

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Robyn Watson

Teaching is my calling, a vocation that brings me immense joy. I am dedicated to finding creative ways to impart knowledge and watching my students flourish as they learn.

With three children of my own and eleven beloved grandchildren, my family plays a big role in my life. When I am not at school, I enjoy spending time with them, going to the beach, and walking my dog.

My passion for teaching has spanned many years and I have taught in the Northern Territory, rural Western Australia, and Perth. Each year brings new adventures and I find myself constantly learning alongside my students.

I am thrilled to be a part of the St Anthony's School community and cannot wait to meet you all.

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Vision for Learning - Snapshots of our Early Childhood Charter

Week 1 Fun in our Early Childhood Classrooms

St Anthony’s School believes that each child is a precious gift from God, created as a unique individual. We integrate faith into all aspects of school life and create learning environments which enable children to experience the joy and wonder of their world. We aim to extend and enrich children’s learning to promote their holistic development.

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Student Wellbeing

Role of the Social Worker at St Anthony's School

The social worker works collaboratively with staff, parents and students to optimise the educational experience of the students.

The social worker provides counselling to help students and their families deal with any social or emotional issues relating to school or affecting a child's academic performance. The role of the school social worker is varied from providing counselling for students to facilitating small group work, whole class sessions/programs as well as making referrals to other professionals and agencies.

If during the school year your child experiences social or emotional problems that impact their learning or school attendance, please discuss this with the classroom teacher and/or contact me directly I work at St Anthony's School on Tuesday and Wednesday each week.

Message from the Social Worker

For children starting school for the very first time, those commencing at a new school, as well as those returning to begin a new school year, this transition time can bring mixed emotions, excitement, worry, happiness, anticipation ..... to name a few. These emotions can be experienced by both children and parents. In this article Kate Highfield offers some practical strategies for parents to help ease their children into the new school year.

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Library Buzz

Hello and welcome back to school.



TUESDAY 3+, YEAR 3 and 4




Please make sure your child has a library bag available from the uniform shop to borrow a book.

The library is available to visit for students from Year 1 to 6 at lunchtime on all days except Fridays.

Looking forward to another year of exciting and fun times in the Library!


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Allergy Aware School Reminder

We would like to remind families that St Anthony's is an allergy aware school and we request that peanut butter, nutella and nuts are not included in your child’s lunch.

God Bless

Therese Bandy


Uniform Shop

Online Ordering (Preferred Method of Ordering)
Ordering online is our preferred method of purchase due to the current COVID climate. Please use the Quickcliq link below to set up an account. If you have already set up an online canteen account, please use the same login.

Ordering Via the Office

To view uniform prices or order uniforms via the school office, choose the relevant uniform order form below, print off and send in with the appropriate payment. The form can also be emailed directly to the uniform shop with credit card details.

Uniform Shop Opening Hours

If you wish to visit the uniform shop, it is open every Wednesday between 8.00am-9.00am.

Kindergarten Uniform Order
Summer Uniform Order


If you have any uniform queries please feel free to email me at: or you can ring the school and speak to me on Wednesdays between 9.00-10.00am.

Many thanks
Gabrielle Murphy
Uniform Shop Coordinator

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Please be aware that St Anthony's School utilises CCTV for security purposes.