Studies of Human Behavior

By: Melody Sunkins

What Is The Study of Human Behavior

Human Behavior is the study of physical action and emotional observations, of different people. Studying human behavior gives us the understand of how individual people act, and what and why we do things, as a whole (all people living). Our mental, physical, emotional, and social activities are all studied. We also have to learn social skills, physical skills, and things like that. We are basically being studied through our whole entire lives.

First Education: Pre-school

Us humans have been studying and developing since preschool. Pre-school is our first real education. Children are enrolled in pre-school, from ages 3 to 5. In pre-school, we learn emotional, physical, intellectual, and social development. Kids learn to control behavior, and learn to cooperate. We also learn to solve problems, and persistence and completion. Depending on your teacher, a child could always take and apply these skills differently... So you could have a very impatient teacher, and teach the child to rush, or to not care about these skills as much. This could cause the child to be stressed.

Human Behavior: Multitasking

It is not possible, according to Human Behavior, to multitask. Multitasking takes away from focusing on one thing at one time. We do it because it is the easy way out. Multitasking makes us stressed. There is a type of stress hormone called cortisol. Cortisol affects our mental capacity, as well as our muscle capacity.